Seamlessly integrate all of your devices and API's into the cloud with our dynamic Internet of Things connector layer

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Convert manual and inefficient processes or events into streamlined and effective business workflows

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Transform raw big data into consumable, real-time analytics dashboards that enable business-critical decisions.

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Develop and deploy secure enterprise-grade web portals and applications

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AMAZING CLIENTS Plasma's Clients


Use the “C2M Connect” Platform for codeless connectivity to IoT (Internet of Things) devices, APIs and databases regardless of protocol.



Utilize the “C2M Workflow”, an agile automation platform that allows rapid electronic workflow development and Business Process Management solutions.



Use “C2M Analyze”, a business intelligence platform to monitor and analyze all critical business data with real time visualization, mash-ups and analytics.



Utilize the “Enterprise Portal Platform” to develop web portals and applications that unite all business critical data and processes.


Enterprise-Grade Business Intelligence Services & Solutions

Over 2,500,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data is generated every day. The opportunity to utilize big data and elevate your business in today’s connected world is limitless.

Plasma will help you collect, organize and analyze all business data necessary to deploy mission critical enterprise solutions for your company. Our enterprise grade platforms & business intelligence solutions provide the capability to connect to all data sources, store and visualize critical big data, and truly optimize business workflows through event management and automation.

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