Plasma provides best in class web-based platforms to enterprises for automation of business critical requirements. Our platforms use our own specialized technology and software to enable enterprises to create flexible, enterprise-level web applications; manage and upgrade business processes in the cloud; and conduct business intelligence operations on a large scale.

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C2M Connect

C2M Connect Platform enables enterprises to connect to all Internet of Things devices and API's, databases & devices, store and manage data, and analyze/mash data.

Connection to any data source is seamless and done without coding or difficult technical action. Data collected is stored in a secure cloud environment that is easily manageable and scalable. Stored data can then be analyzed, mashed and monitored in real-time.

The C2M Connect Platform and its capabilities can then be paired with Plasma's other platforms to visualize all data and automatically manage events.


C2M Workflow

The C2M Workflow platform offers a holistic solution to convert legacy and rigid processes within organizations to agile, web based, efficient and streamlined processes. The technology and capabilities of C2M Workflow enable businesses to constantly evolve with ever changing business requirements, delivering much needed process automation without expensive re-hauls of IT systems.

Plasma offers comprehensive end-to-end BPM and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions to meet and exceed enterprise needs for current and future business process automation and transformation.


C2M Analyze

C2M Analyze is a new generation, cloud-based business intelligence platform that eliminates the complexities of traditional BI and accelerates data driven decisions. C2M Analyze elegantly combines data visualization and analytics together in interactive dashboards that users can create with just a few clicks, enabling easy management of Big Data.


Enterprise Portal Platform

Plasma's Enterprise Portal is a state of the art platform for enabling web-based corporate website portals for processes, people and data across an entire organization. It provides a secure unified access point for enterprise users to interact with each other (an employee portal) and external vendors/partners (a B2B portal). Our enterprise website development experience has yielded an Enterprise Portal Platform architecture that enables quick deployment of a robust enterprise portal environment which is both agile and secure.