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C2M Analyze - A Business Intelligence Software

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C2M Analyze Changes the Way You Do Business

It is a new generation cloud-based business intelligence platform/software that eliminates the complexities of traditional BI and accelerates big data driven decisions. C2M Analyze BI enables users to visualize and create interactive dashboards through drag and drop capabilities and event management.

Big Data Visualization

Big Data Visualization Made Simple

C2M Analyze allows mashing and federation of big data from rich sources of data streams within and external to enterprises:

  • Connect and extract data dynamically from APIs, Databases, Enterprise platforms, smart devices and flat files.
  • Generate dashboards using drag and drop capabilities and a rich library of widgets and graphs
  • C2M Analyze Software as a Service (SaaS) will get you operational in hours
Real-Time Big Data

Real-Time Big Data

C2M Analyze is configured to manage real-time data.

  • It collects and process real-time data from various sources such as APIs, Device Feeds and Data Feeds.
  • It can be configured to create snapshots of the data and set custom frequency to enable historic timeline on a dashboard
  • It allows users to manage the policy related to big data storage, data security and data visibility
Mobility and Control

Mobility and Control

C2M Analyze Software as a Service (SaaS) enables rapid design and deliver anywhere technology:

  • Design your data models and dashboards through a browser interface
  • Deliver the dashboard across multiple screens from smart mobile devices, tablets, laptops to specialty devices
  • Mash enterprise data, social feeds and live feeds to create the best of breed business analytics
  • Integrate and share dashboards by embedding in web applications, web based portals and documents
C2M Analyze services

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It's Drag and Drop user interface, allows simple and flexible prototyping, what if' scenarios, real time updates and feedback from the field. C2M Analyze BI platform requires no installation and is accessible by a simple login.

Flexible Reporting

Flexible Reporting

C2M Analyze can provide deep insights into business critical enterprise data

  • Define, analyze and visualize agile interactive dashboards
  • Associate dashboards to datasets, drill downs and quick filters
  • Generate reports in multiple formats such as PDF and Excel
Secure Platform

Secure Platform

C2M Analyze offers comprehensive data security features to ensure your data is safe on the cloud.

  • Stringent Privacy and Data Confidentiality policy
  • Data encrypted using an AES Encryption (256 Bit) Algorithm
  • User defined Master Key to encrypt account and data for added level of security
  • Application and environment level implementation to prevent
  • Masquerade attacks, replay attacks and identity interception
C2M Analyze ArchitectureClick to Enlarge Image.

C2M Analyze Architecture

C2M Analyze offers a layered architecture for Data Transformation and Data Analysis, which offers an agile and rapid environment to process and visualize data.

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