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Gaining and maintaining a competitive edge in any business, regardless of business type or industry vertical, requires a comprehensive commitment to the ability to establish and monitor the Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that are the most critical with respect to the overall performance and health of an enterprise.

Gone are the days where enterprises could take an ad-hoc approach in the area of business intelligence and analytics. Companies that are still relying on the use of multiple spreadsheets, data repositories, and other disconnected and static data sources are finding themselves well behind the curve in their ability to actively monitor and control the most critical performance characteristics of their enterprise. If unresolved, this lack of a holistic approach to business analytics often results in a quick and, in some cases, long-lasting loss of competiveness in their marketplaces.

The Benefits of a Business Analytics Dashboard

The advantages of adopting a high-priority commitment to the establishment of a robust business analytics dashboard are tangible and extensive. Those advantages include:

  • The ability to monitor, improve, and control the individual performance parameters that are the most critical for the enterprise via real-time access to real-time information.
  • The ability to take necessary corrective measures more quickly due to more rapid discovery of performance issues.
  • The ability to create and customize analytics dashboards based on the visibility needs of various departmental and hierarchal groups within the enterprise.
  • The elimination of disconnected and non real-time sources of information and data. A more cohesive, meaningful, and reliable approach to information gathering and analysis.
  • A more competitive approach to business analytics that will enable superior internal performance and efficiencies as well as increased client and stake-holder satisfaction.

Business Analytics and Intelligence Services

Plasma has a strong track-record in the provision of custom business analytics development services for clients across several industry verticals. Those verticals include Insurance, Telecom, Services, Construction, etc. Simply put, our approach involves:

  • Engaging with the client to understand the client’s current position vs where they want to go in terms of the ability to gather, view, analyze, and share critical business information.
  • Collaboration with the client on identification of the specific KPI to be included in the business analytics development program. The mapping out of (i) processes to be included, (ii) sources of raw data that need to be accessed, (iii) the various levels of visibility and authority to be accounted for, (iv) data security considerations, etc.
  • Rolling all of the above considerations into the development of a comprehensive business analytics dashboard solution customized to meet the specific needs of the client today and fully scalable and adaptable to shifting demands of the future.
  • Real-Time Visibility & Control
  • Dashboard Reporting
  • Security

Real-Time Visibility & Control

Real-Time Visibility & Control

If you don’t have real-time awareness that a problem exists, you cannot take real-time action. Plasma’s enterprise-level custom business analytics development service provides the client with state-of-the-art capability to visualize and control the critical Key Performance Indicator (KPI) data that is generated across the various functions and departments within the enterprise.

The business analytics solution that will be delivered to the client as a result of this Plasma service will fully satisfy the client’s specific requirements and will deliver exceptional value via the utilization of Plasma’s comprehensive suite of technical and subject matter expertise. Expertise that Plasma brings to an engagement includes:

  • Proven expertise in the development of customized, agile, and interactive analytics dashboards that can be delivered across multiple devices (laptops, tablets, mobile devices).
  • Integration expertise that facilitates the sharing of analytics dashboards via embedding into web applications, web portals, and documents.
  • Development of rule-driven protocols that enable the enterprise to strictly control visibility of, and access to, sensitive information and data. Allows an enterprise to put the business analytics into the hands of the appropriate stakeholders that have the mandate to take action on those analytics when required.
  • A thorough understanding of the impact that having real-time access to mission-critical information can have on any enterprise and the ability to deliver that capability in a way that will promote wide-spread adoption across the enterprise.

Dashboard Reporting

Flexible Reporting

Flexibility of dashboard reporting is a crucial component of any business analytics implementation. Reporting functionality that does not provide key users and stakeholders with an adequate level of flexibility will quickly become a concern to widespread platform adoption and will significantly impede the ability of the enterprise to fully leverage the advantages that would be inherent within a truly flexible approach to reporting.

Even the most comprehensive and valuable data can be rendered virtually useless if that data cannot be accessed, visualized, and shared with some degree of built-in flexibility. Plasma’s approach to the reporting aspect of a business analytics solution includes:

  • The built-in, and customizable, ability to define, visualize, and share a suite of interactive dashboards that are supported by a rich library of widgets and graphical elements.
  • The ability to create customized snapshots of data and to establish custom data snapshot frequencies.
  • The ability to associate those dashboards to a wide variety of raw datasets such as databases, flat files, API’s, etc.
  • The ability to generate dashboard-reflective reports in multiple formats (Excel, PDF, etc.).
  • The flexibility to make on-the-fly adjustments as needed to restrict or grant access to information within the organization.



Information is the lifeblood of any enterprise. Plasma understands that. Plasma’s business analytics development service places a high priority on building in the level of security that the client demands. The objective is to collaborate with the client on the deployment of security elements that will protect what needs protection while, at the same time, maintaining as much flexibility and visibility as is practical.

Rather than employ a “one size fits all” approach to information security, Plasma can employ a variety of security protocols that will be commensurate with the level of security needed for a specific enterprise. Plasma’s long history of delivery complex solutions to security-sensitive clients is brought to bear on every business analytics development project.

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