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IT Staff Augmentation

Finding a true partner that can provide a full suite of Information Technology (IT) Staff Augmentation services has become a strategic imperative for large and small organizations across a broad spectrum of industries and verticals.

Third party or offshore development resources can deliver the technology expertise necessary to your project that otherwise is expensive and difficult to find.

Benefits of IT Staff Augmentation

Partnering with a comprehensive and vertically integrated IT Staff Augmentation service provider enables several tangible benefits to any enterprise looking for ways to remain technologically competitive while, at the same time, improving their operational efficiencies and cost structures. Those benefits include:

  • Reduction in internal employee costs:
  • Partnering with an IT Staff Augmentation provider can be significantly more cost effective as compared to the heavy costs (salaries, benefits, etc) required to maintain a comparable level of internal resources.
    Those service providers that are able to leverage offshore development resources can provide an even higher level of cost benefit.

  • Consistent access to technology Subject Matter Experts:
  • A high-end IT Staff Augmentation service provider will bring a wealth of technology expertise to bear on any project or engagement. The breadth and depth of expertise provided will, in most cases, be superior to what can be cost-effectively maintained by a non IT-rich enterprise.

  • Reduction in IT burden:
  • Engagement with the right IT Staff Augmentation service provider will alleviate some of the IT management burden from an organization thereby providing more available bandwidth to focus on other business initiatives and strategies.

Outsourcing and Offshore Development with Plasma

At Plasma, we build Strong Relationships through the provision of Strong IT Staff Augmentation services to our clients. We provide superior services via an extensive assessment of the client requirements and the assignment of individuals with the required technical experience and expertise to bring those requirements to full fruition.

We are able to leverage our offshore development resources to ensure an engagement that provides the maximum cost benefit to the client. We provide Staff Augmentation services within the following disciplines:

  • Project Management
  • Web Development
  • Graphic Design
  • System Architecture
  • Database Design
  • Mobile App Development
  • Application Programming Interface (API) and Software Development Kit (SDK) Development
  • Project Management Services
  • Web & Application Development Services
  • API & SDK Development Services

Project Management Services

Project Management Services

Provision of strong IT Staff Augmentation services begins with strong Project Management.

Plasma Project Managers have the experience and expertise required to manage any complex IT-based projects.

Plasma Project Managers have managed the successful delivery of numerous projects within our overall provision of IT Staff Augmentation services to our clients.

Specific skills and experience include:

  • Collaboration with client in the definition of project scope, goals and deliverables that support the overall project requirements and objectives.
  • Provision of technical and administrative oversight for those technical resources performing project related activities.
  • Ability to identify and manage project dependencies, risks, and project-critical activities.
  • In depth expertise in Agile Project Management processes and Sprint-based deployments.
  • Up-to-date knowledge of all current trends in Project Management tools, processes and protocols.
  • Strong ability to liaison with client stakeholders during all phases of a specific engagement or project.

Web & Application Development Services

Web & Application Development Services

Maintaining an internal base of skilled web and application development resources can be an expensive proposition for any organization. This is especially true for those organizations that do not have the level of active development initiatives to provide the necessary threshold to justify the maintenance of those internal resources. Plasma can relieve that burden by providing IT Staff Augmentation services and resources that are in line with the volume of the client’s individual initiatives.

Plasma Web Developers are highly skilled in the development of enterprise-level web portals, websites, and custom web applications. Plasma provision of Web Development resources augments a client’s existing capabilities by bringing the following areas of expertise to bear for the client.

  • Expertise in a broad range of Web Development technologies and methodologies (HTML, HTML5, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, XLM, etc).
  • Extensive experience in the development of feature-rich applications in support of a wide variety of complex requirements.
  • A broad cross-section of experience actively collaborating with clients from virtually every industry vertical.

Plasma maintains a geographically diverse staff of offshore development resources. Plasma can leverage these resources when applicable to provide additional cost advantages to the client.

API & SDK Development Services

API & SDK Development Services

As a leader within the ongoing evolution of the Internet of Things (IoT), Plasma has first-hand knowledge of the challenges currently being faced by companies that are developing the “smart” devices and services within the world of IoT. Many of these companies are challenged by the necessity to balance the need for a quick time-to-market for their product(s), as well as any associated Software Development Kits (SDK) and Application Programming Interface (API), with the need to maintain a sustainable cost structure until their new products begin to generate revenue. In many cases the development of an SDK and/or an API has to be delayed due to budgetary constraints or the lack of internal resources with the right competencies.

As a leader within the IoT community, Plasma has the API and SDK development background and expertise readily available to bridge any gaps that a client may have. As within our other technology disciplines, Plasma maintains a staff of offshore development resources that enable us to provide IT Staff Augmentation services that enable a client to achieve both a quick time-to-market and a sustainable development cost model.

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