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Online Marketing, also referred to as digital or internet marketing, can be anything that creates awareness and generates clientele or customers through the use of the web. The value of online marketing in comparison to other, more traditional marketing activities is enormous. The vast amount of tools and information available to today’s digital marketers enable more accurate targeting, intelligent behavior monitoring and excellent result tracking and reporting.

Why You Need Online Marketing

Regardless of how flawless your product or service, it is imperative to have an avenue for building awareness and creating a substantial online presence directly to your business’s target market. Online marketing strategies have been evolving for years and continue to provide companies with relevant data and feedback that enable new strategy implementation and current activity optimization. Whether it is increasing your customer base by organically growing your online presence with Search Engine Optimization (SEO) or keeping your current customers engaged through email campaigning, effective online marketing strategies are an absolutely necessity in today’s business world.

Online Marketing with Plasma

Plasma has an experienced online marketing team that has successfully supported clients across the country for years. Plasma offers Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media, Pay Per Click (PPC) and even email marketing for all of your online marketing service needs. We have an established and effective marketing process that offers solidity and ensures success in all of our services. Whether it is social media marketing or PPC Advertising, the process remains the same.

  • Analysis: As every project begins, there must be an initial measurement and assessment to develop a thorough analysis of existing strategies and marketing activities. Here we will uncover opportunities, outdated methods and chances for improvement. You cannot decide where you are going and how to get there if you do not know where you are.
  • Strategy Development: Once a proper analysis has been done and opportunities are revealed, it is time to work with you to develop a creative and proven strategy with timelines and result expectations.
  • Execution: Implementation of this strategy commences with the agility and accuracy necessary from our marketing specialists. This is where our plans are put into action.
  • Measure and Report: Reporting is not only important because it provides you the result evidence, but it is also vital in moving forward. These measurements give us the information needed to adjust activities where needed and optimize results even further before repeating the process again.

Over the last 10 years, our online marketing team here at Plasma has proven that with the processes and expertise in place, we can truly transform a company’s online marketing efforts into a successful and profitable digital strategy.

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay Per Click
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important part of any business’ online marketing plan. A search engine is the first place that people go to for answers nowadays. The higher you are ranked in search results, the more authoritative your company appears to the average person. Being first makes you the “best,” but landing ten pages back keeps you in obscurity. With proven SEO services, Plasma will organize your site so that it places higher in the search results of major search engines like Google and Bing.

With the right content and strategy, SEO services from Plasma will bring organic visitors to your site. These visitors will be qualified, targeted users who searched specific keywords chosen by you and your company in our initial SEO plan. You gain a valuable, engaged audience that ultimately increases the number of quality leads you receive.

Plasma’s SEO can improve your reputation, bring in customers and help you advertise to specific demographics. You found us, and we’ll help other people find you.

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click

Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing has experienced explosive growth over the last decade. With PPC advertising, you pay to be associated with certain keywords. When one of your keywords is entered on a search engine and/or is contextually relevant to the content of a PPC-affiliated site, an ad for your business is displayed. The three largest PPC providers – Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft – all receive incredible amounts of traffic to their search engine sites, and their ad networks cover a large portion of existing websites. Purchasing PPC advertising gives your business boosted visibility across the entire Internet – no matter where a customer is, they’ll see you with PPC marketing.

Plasma’s Google AdWords certified team will manage your entire PPC campaign to bring the best possible results. Through careful research, our team will select the most effective keywords and determine the best ad placement to drive traffic to your site.

A PPC advertising campaign managed by Plasma also brings depth to your online marketing efforts. PPC is not just about targeting a few industry buzzwords through Google. Plasma will carefully monitor your PPC performance to bring the best return for the least money. Our research will show the best popular keywords to target as well as fringe keywords that bring traffic with little cost.

With Plasma, you’ll know that you’re getting all you can out of PPC, giving your online presence the boost you need to distinguish your company.

Social Media

Social Media

It's very important to have a social media presence - Facebook alone has over a billion monthly active users. Other mediums like Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube can be absolutely critical to keeping your customers engaged and to reaching those you otherwise would never have reached. We are in a day and age where every business strategy or activity can give you an edge on your competitors and social media can be just that.

It is imperative to have a medium where you can not only reach out to your target market, but they can engage and reach back out to you. Not only do these engagements enforce brand loyalty and awareness to the customer, they show the same to the customer’s social community as well.

Plasma will develop a social media marketing plan for you and can even act as your social media marketing manager, creating content for all of your social media outlets.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing tool at a business’ disposal, with a ROI that outperforms all other online marketing methods. Newsletters, product updates, special offers and more can all be integrated into email marketing campaigns to both keep customers coming back and bring new customers into the fold.

Plasma has a team of expert content writers and design specialists. When we first start a campaign, we’ll work directly with you to understand your business and its customers. With an understanding of your core business and messaging objectives, our team can create the most effective campaign with the right content, tone and design. Every campaign is unique and tailored to the specific needs of your business.

Email marketing is so useful because of its versatility: you can focus on customer retention, bringing in new customers with brochures, letters, advertisements and everything in between. However you look at it, it’s important to keep in contact with both current and potential customers.

No matter what your email marketing needs, Plasma has the tools to help, from custom, reusable professional email templates to entire email marketing campaigns that will bring people in and keep them coming back.

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