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Process Automation

Businesses are driven by workflow processes, a series of tasks and actions involving one or more people, groups, or departments that culminate in a resolution and/or completion of a task. Workflow processes typically involve some form or data entry, form, decision or signoff, and document handoff and can include: customer and vendor onboarding, marketing approvals, purchase orders, account management and more.

Why Process Automation?

As processes become more complex, a paper-based workflow becomes more prone to human error. Typos, sending emails or documents to the wrong person, or even forgetting or overlooking an action that is dependent on an individual employee causes significant time delays and can have expensive financial ramifications.

By automating these workflows and processes and removing paper dependencies and legacy systems, organizations gain substantial efficiencies and effectiveness in their business.

Business Process Automation (BPA) Concepts

Plasma works with clients to introduce Business Process Management concepts and applications. This involves modeling and mapping the current business activities, tasks, roles involved, identifying where efficiencies can be improved, and converting manual tasks into actionable and trackable web-based workflows. This is done through Plasma's 'C2M Workflow' platform to dynamically model workflows, business models (forms and data), roles, views, dashboards, as well as email & text notifications.

Workflow Automation ensures that your business documents and tasks are structured to be optimally delivered to the appropriate person within your organization, at the correct time, and synchronized with other business activities. Process Automation regulates how information flows to your employees to support their day-to-day tasks as well as providing visibility to management to monitor activity, productivity, and see where the bottlenecks are.

With Business Process Automation:

  • Optimize business by accelerating the decision-making process.
  • Reduce cost and time for tasks with at-your-fingertips data and collaboration.
  • Eliminate paper and deploy web-based tracking, searching, and reporting.
  • Make continuous changes and improvements to the process with visibility of audit tracking and KPIs.
  • Integrate your 3rd party SaaS applications, ERP systems, and legacy databases where applicable.
  • Process Analysis
  • Workflow Automation
  • Electronic Document Management

Process Analysis

Process Analysis

The first step in Plasma’s process automation engagements involves a project Discovery process which encompasses a review of the processes that can and should be automated. This includes the workflow definition of all business tasks within the scope of the project and how they can be modified and improved upon to best make use of time and human resources.

Workflow Automation

Workflow Automation

Business Process Management begins with a Discovery process. Before a workflow can be automated, it is necessary to define all of the business processes currently running within the organization, as well as all of the roles and users involved in the day-to-day tasks. It is also critical to map the desired outcomes. From this, the processes can be re-defined and, where necessary, optimized and automated. This typically involves taking any legacy process tracked on spreadsheets, homegrown and outdated legacy applications, or patched SharePoint applications and converting them to dynamic and agile web-based applications.

Electronic Document Management

Electronic Document Management

Paperwork can be the ultimate anchor in a business process. Waiting on signatures, approvals, signoffs, and edits cause major delays within an organization. By converting documents that have traditionally been emailed or printed into electronic format, our clients have seen an average of a 78% reduction in process delays as well as improved efficiency, tracking, and document navigation.
Plasma works with our clients to migrate their paperwork into web/mobile based forms that facilitate digital signatures, redlining, expiration tracking, role-based approvals and gating processes.

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