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Custom Workflow Automation Solutions

One simple reality that applies to virtually any business enterprise is that operational excellence is the cornerstone of building and maintaining a breadth and depth of competitive advantage. Any comprehensive attempt at attaining a true level of excellence must include a commitment to, and strategy for, the holistic adoption of Business Process Automation tools, applications and methodologies.

An enterprise-wide adoption of an enterprise-level Business Workflow Automation solution provides the organization with a technology-enabled environment that enables comprehensive workflow automation as well as the resulting improvement, and control of mission-critical business processes. Maintaining silos of processes that are manual, often redundant and/or conflicting, difficult to analyze, opaque, and out of step with actual business requirements presents an obstacle that is virtually impossible for an organization to overcome.

Business Process Automation with Plasma

Business Process Automation is a core competency at Plasma and has been at the forefront of our technology development efforts since 2006. Our 'C2M Workflow' platform provides a technology based foundation for the development of customized workflow automation solutions that result in the conversion of an organization’s legacy, rigid, and static processes into dynamic workflows that are web based, streamlined, agile, and efficient. Our solutions facilitate the following:

  • Elimination of process silos and legacy systems
  • Increased visibility and adoption across internal and external process stakeholders
  • Improved process control
  • Real-time visibility
  • The ability to take real-time impactful actions

The customized software solutions developed by Plasma have been deployed across virtually every critical business process and functional area. Those would include:

  • Electronic Legal Document Management
  • Financial Management and Reporting
  • Human Resource Processing and Compliance
  • Vendor Management System and Onboarding
  • Sales Lifecycle Management
  • Operational Workflows (Quality Assurance, Inventory Management, Resource Planning, etc)
  • Governance and Reporting

Our workflow solutions have provided a best-in-breed approach to large-scale workflow automation initiatives within organizations across a wide cross-section of industry verticals. Our industry experience includes:


Our Delivery Process

The ability to deliver solutions that are truly customized to, and compliant with, the demands of the client requires a firm commitment to a proven engagement and delivery process. Over time and through experience Plasma has developed a process that emphasizes the elements that lead to a successful engagement and relationship. Those elements include:

  • A robust and collaborative Project Discovery process the produces all hands agreement on scope and deliverables
  • Development of project timelines, resource assignment, reporting protocols, and risk mitigation
  • Development and collaborative iterative review throughout the development cycle
  • Provision of client access to Plasma Project Management Portals and creation of development sandbox environments
  • Full User Acceptance Testing support
  • Post-launch user training and applicable documentation
  • Provision of ongoing solution maintenance and enhancement services

Why Plasma is a Leading Business Workflow solutions Provider

Plasma is a completely vertically integrated organization. This applies to our Business Process and Workflow Automation offerings. All technology is developed in-house by Plasma and all projects are managed by highly experienced Plasma Project Managers. There is no outsourcing of project work, thereby eliminating cumbersome third-party communication channels. Being vertically integrated also provides Plasma with competitive cost advantages that we can then pass on to our clients. Plasma clients report significant advantages in TTM and ROI as compared to their previous experience with other Business Process Automation solution providers.

Plasma Custom Workflow & Business Automation solutions are technologically dynamic, cost effective, flexible, scalable, and transformative.

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