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Digital Asset Management is an enterprise solution that enables companies to store, share, search, backup and organize all digital collaterals within a centralized digital library. These digital assets can include videos, images, tutorials, digitized documents, etc. With today’s rate at which data is being generated and collected, outdated legacy systems simply do not provide the levels of bandwidth, automation, or control necessary to effectively manage these assets.

Benefits of DAM Solutions

A Digital Asset Management solution provides an enterprise with a technology and process-based approach to management and control of digital collaterals. A DAM that has been properly designed and deployed will provide benefits that are immediate and tangible. Those benefits include:

  • Improved Efficiency - When all digital information is organized and saved at a central location, browsing and searching becomes quicker and easier.
  • Accuracy – Accurate retrieval and storage of digital assets. The ability to accurately retrieve the assets that are needed combined with the ability to store those assets within their designated repositories greatly reduces potential for misplaced or lost assets.
  • Data Sharing and Control – The controlled ability for multiple users to access and share data. Built-in controls that designate which individuals within an organization have access to collaterals that are deemed sensitive or proprietary. The ability for identified users to make changes to access roles and designates.
  • Transparency – The ability to manage and monitor digital access and sharing processes to ensure efficiency and promote accountability.
  • Easy Integration – The ability to integrate the Digital Asset Management solution with external sources of data and collaterals as required.

Effective Web Based Digital Asset Management

At Plasma, we recognize that effective management of large volumes of digital information is a challenge for any enterprise. Mis-handling of digital assets can have negative consequences that effect all functional groups within an organization (Sales, Marketing, Design, Product Management, etc.).

In our provision of Digital Asset Management solutions we take the same approach that we take within our other solution offerings. An effective DAM must have a strong web-based technology foundation that provides built-in workflows and processes that enable the automation and control of all aspects of DAM (access, review, modification, storage, notification, security, etc.).

Our expertise and experience in development of web-based process management and automation solutions is fully applied towards the design, development, and deployment of DAM solutions that meet the demands of today’s asset-heavy clients.

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