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Enterprise Content Management

As your company grows, the number of processes involved in its operations grows with it. With that comes the problem of effectively managing the exponential volumes of content that is generated. The right Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solution allows an enterprise to harness the full potential of that content through a combination of tools, strategies, and methods. The ability to capture, store, preserve, share, and access all business-critical content can significantly enhance an enterprise’s ability to effectively and efficiently utilize the vast amount of valuable data that it creates.

Advantages of Enterprise Content Management(ECM)

The benefits of a properly designed and deployed Enterprise Content Management solution would include:

  • Increased efficiency - The task of searching and retrieving data that has traditionally been done manually can now be automated. Thus, the time that individuals spend searching for relevant data or in converting files to compatible format can now be used for more productive value-add purposes.
  • Reliable data storage - Files and documents in physical form are prone to wear and tear. After years of referencing they might not even be readable anymore. With the right ECM solution, data remains accessible over time and reliable backup systems ensure complete protection.
  • Accessibility - Unlike the data from physical documents and files that needs to be entered in the system manually, digital data is always a click away. Dynamic search parameters also enable quick and reliable retrieval of the desired information.
  • Dynamic Content Editing – An ECM solution allows approved users to edit written content on the fly and to quickly repost the edited content in real time. It provides user-friendly content editing capability that does not require advanced technical skill sets.
  • Cost effective - Adoption of an ECM solution with proven capabilities will significantly enhance an organizations ability to manage the costs associated with content creation, enablement, and control. An ECM solution that has been developed to meet the specific requirements of the enterprise will provide that enterprise with a quick initial ROI followed by year over year cost savings.

Plasma has successfully designed, developed, and deployed ECM solutions for organizations large and small across a wide variety of industry segments (telecom, finance, insurance, construction, retail, etc.).

Our solutions have achieved successful client adoption due our placement of a high priority on developing systems that are intuitive and user-friendly while, at the same time, providing the necessary technology framework to insure reliable and predictable performance. We provide a true conversion of content management from a costly headache into a true business advantage.

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