Security and IoT

Security is perhaps the most important aspect of Internet of Things solutions and the technology world. The growing number of sensors, smart devices and connected entities, while revolutionary, greatly increases the security challenges faced in our industry. Whether it is cyber, mobile or physical security, a network or system must be fully protected to perform at optimal levels. In order for global adoption of the Internet of Things, it is of upmost importance that users trust that IoT devices and shared data are protected.

Security Solutions with Plasma

While hyper-connectivity increases concerns for security, there is an incredible amount of opportunity within IoT to address these concerns. Plasma provides many customized security solutions that meet the needs of individual enterprises and technology projects. Leveraging the C2M platform and partnerships, Plasma’s security approach allows for both physical and mobile security solutions to be tailored, scalable and quickly deployable.

  • Physical Security

    Secure people, assets, buildings, properties and perimeters using smart technology and solutions.
  • Mobile Security

    Create self-aware, secure applications for iOS, Android and IoT Devices.

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