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Business Portals & e-Commerce

A dynamic Business Portal can provide a web-based foundation that will facilitate controlled and efficient handling of an organization’s data and collaterals by providing user-specific customized views and reports based on individual user roles.

Plasma has developed literally hundreds of Business Portals including those for workflow management, e-Commerce support, external data-source integration, cross-department and location collaboration, and approval-based processes while integrating third party vendor managment solutions and single sign-on authentication routines when necessary.

Encouraging user-generated content and information flow allows the knowledge base to grow ad hoc and can provide valuable data across departments. Business Portals can be deployed as a hosted solution or behind a company's firewall.


The Plasma FUSION e-Commerce extension provides you with the ability to manage your ecommerce via a browser-based portal. FUSION e-Commerce supports your on-line presence with the following functionalities:

The Plasma FUSION e-commerce, Content Management System (CMS) and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions are integrated to provide clients with an industry-leading ecommerce web based, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud based environment that can run and manage your website in addition to managing your organization’s business process workflow between your partners, vendors, suppliers and clients. FUSION e-Commerce can integrate your entire online store into a virtual environment/ecosystem.

Integrating what you do will enable clients to easily interact with your ecommerce model without having to worry about the complex processes that reside behind the scenes. Developers, vendors, suppliers and sub-contractors can now provide one integrated effort to deliver a product or service to your client.

Plasma FUSION™ e-commerce provides integration across multiple payment systems including Authorize.Net and PayPal.

Case Study

Freeman, a global leader in the production of expositions, conventions, corporate events and exhibits across the globe selected Plasma to develop its OnlineEvent portal.

At the inception of this project Plasma engaged with client stakeholders in the identification and documentation of the client’s vision for the solution to ensure that the delivered product matched that vision and that the portal would provide the client with tangible competitive advantages within its marketplace.

The OnlineEvent has changed the way Trade Shows are viewed by streaming video for Keynotes, Conferences, and Speakers, helping the content reach a much wider audience and creating new revenue streams for the shows. The site allows users to purchase videos from any show which they may have been unable to attend.

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