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Smart ER Solutions

Plasma workflow, connection and visualize solutions enable Emergency Rooms and hospitals to gain critical insight into their operations and processes. These insights can be utilized to a point of optimal personnel allocation, patient monitoring, resource distribution and overall operations efficiency. With Plasma, Emergency Rooms can deliver more effective results, reduce wait times and ultimately, save more lives.

What is a Smart ER Solution?

Tracking patient, staff (doctors, nurses, technician, attendants), resources (EFG machine, portable X-Ray) Monitoring pat ient flow, staff flow, resource allocation, operational process
Analyze patient stisfaction, service satisfaction, KPIs, SLA, predictive analysis Forecast patient inflow volume, personnel allocation, resource allocation, mashing data

Why do we need it?

  • Predicting volume and flow of patients and personnel
  • Tracking, process properly done
  • Personnel utilization, staffing, doctors needed in different time slot
  • Visibility of process
  • Resource utilization, portable EKG units needed, availability
  • Efficiency bottleneck
Modular ApproachER Modular Approach