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Smart Fleet Management

Plasma can help a company seamlessly connect to all vehicle tracking devices, OBD IIs and sensors to collect all valuable data. That data then can be analyzed, mashed, customized and optimized to find critical correlated and trending data. This monitored data will allow fleet owners and transportation executives to address all operating efficiency and safety issues directly and successfully.

What is a Smart Fleet Management?

Fuel Management
Fleet Management
Driving Patterns
Driving Analytics
Vehicle Location Tracking
Intelligent Routing/Tracking
Driver FMCSA Compliance
Driver Log time Management
Weather/Road Conditions Monitoring

Why do we need it?

  • Manage your fleet operations using emerging technology
  • Significantly improve the following aspects of your operations
    • Operating efficiency
      • Fuel costs
      • Optimized dispatch
      • Optimal real-time routing
      • Driver utilization and productivity
      • Reduced overtime
      • Forecasting
      • Reduced paperwork
  • Administrative Efficiency
    • Payroll accuracy
    • Transparency and awareness
    • Geo-fencing and tracking
    • Fraud prevention
    • Customer Satisfaction
  • Safety & Compliance
    • Driver behavior (extreme braking acceleration or speed: idling real-time feedback)
    • FMCSA and service hours
  • Managed services and back-office activities
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Modular ApproachModular Approach