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AT&T introduced Sponsored Data as a new service available to those who would like to strategically promote and share content. With Sponsored Data, companies have the opportunity to promote specific productivity and infotainment content that customers can consume without data charges. These customers can browse, stream and enjoy content on behalf of their sponsors without impacting their monthly data plan. In order for AT&T to launch such a service with the desired amount of efficiency, they would need help from Plasma’s 'C2M Workflow' BPM Platform.

Business Need

AT&T needed an efficient and visible process for onboarding any and all content providers and data sponsors. That process would need to be able to support a large number of contracts and legal agreements to be signed, certifications to be requested and approvals to be made. With the size of the company, service and availability, any outdated and legacy process would not provide the level of automation and control that would be required. The entire proves would not only need to run smoothly, but also be as transparent as possible. With projects of such magnitude, it is crucial that all procedures are extremely visible and that management is fully enabled to analyze, modify and maintain that process to obtain optimal efficiency.


Plasma deployed their C2M Workflow Platform to assist AT&T with their Sponsored Data project and automated the process of on-boarding content providers and data sponsors for the new toll-free data initiatives. Content Providers can access the platform and request a manifest certificate via a trial sandbox and when they are ready, request production certificates for loading into their applications. Plasma’s deployment integrates with CSI, PRM, Enabler, and eCDW via Zettics through API, httppost, and batch processes. Also, by creating a tiered role-based application, content from providers can be approved online by Business Support Managers, Process Administrators, and CTO’s. The processes put in place will allow high visibility and seamlessly bring on new content providers moving forward.


Within 16 weeks of Plasma starting the project, Sponsored Data was unveiled and launched at AT&T’s Developers’ Summit. This ground breaking network technology can now easily offer companies a flexible solution to create sponsored content for customers without impacting their data usage. Thanks to Plasma, the onboarding processes involved are as seamless and streamlined as can be for both AT&T and the sponsoring company. Also, all procedures are tracked and monitored accordingly on an easily accessible platform in a way that heightens transparency and optimizes efficiency. All needs were met and the results continue to create value for both AT&T and their content sponsors.