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Builders FirstSource embarked to position itself as a leader in providing professional class building materials and services to the country's homebuilders and remodelers. Plasma Computing Group built a web portal with a visual style that applies to all customer types: Residential Builders, Commercial/Multi- Family Builders, and Remodelers.

Business Need

Builders FirstSource approached Plasma Computing Group to revamp their website at BLDR.com. The existing website had been in place for over 10 years and needed a facelift to convey a strong brand image and effectively communicate the products and services that BFS provides as well as to highlight the 60+ locations across the southeast coastline.


For day to day operations and updates, Plasma built a robust Content Management System that allows non-technical users to modify text, images, and video aspects of the website. To direct potential customers to the appropriate locations, a Google Map driven platform was built that allows customers to search by product, service, and location combinations. The administrator can create additional locations through the admin which are dynamically populated on the map.


In addition to the frontend functionality, a sales/lead form was created which directs web inquiries to the correct sales reps across the US based on the location on the individual filling out the form. This has cut down substantially on the amount of leg work on the site administrator in terms of distributing the leads or warranty claims. 

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