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Cars for Kids is the fundraising arm of the Texans Can Academies. Their goal is to provide quality education for students who struggle in traditional high school settings. Texans Can Academies are charter schools that rely on private donations for funding.

Business Need

Increase organic traffic to website through major search engines. Increase awareness of Cars for Kids as an avenue for donation of vehicles, running or not, for tax deductions.


 Plasma conducted a technical audit of Cars for Kids’ website and recommended targeted changes. Focus was first given to keyword discovery and analysis. Plasma conducted detailed research to target specific keywords as well as provide insight to high-conversion long-tail keyword strategy. It was followed by addressing their on-site optimization through code changes and structure to increase visibility and indexing of current website. This resulted in more first page rankings for targeted keywords. An ongoing strategy for off-site optimization continues through link building and circulation of their Press Releases.


 Aside from seeing page one ranking for most relevant keywords, Cars for Kids was able to virtually eliminate their PPC budget. Cars for Kids first page ranking for more relevant keywords has also increased their conversion rate for visitors to their website, there-by increasing donations. This has allowed Cars for Kids to focus their marketing dollars on new initiatives like Social Media which is only supported by their SEO efforts.

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