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Founders of Chalkbucket Labs approached Plasma to help take a gym management system concept into production and launch. The project had strict deadlines and was expected to be completed in less than four months. The system would be role-based for owners, athletes and coaches to automate operations, track progress and analyze data.

Business Need

Chalkbucket would need to provide a solution for a gym to track all incoming and outgoing money on one, simple to use platform. Monthly payments, billing, merchandise, and more would all need to be accessible. Also, the platform would need to provide coaches and trainers a way to manage their own classes and courses for athletes. Athletes will also need to be able to track progress and analyze workout data.


To meet the needs of Chalkbucket, Plasma built a payment platform that takes payments from all major credit cards, bank transfers, nationally and internationally, and even enables cash payment logging. Analytic and reporting tools integrated into the system also allow the gym owner to monitor and track all monetary data from billing, merchandise, to monthly payments and membership fees. Also, a role-based platform was developed for athletes, trainers and gym owners. Athletes are able to track logged exercises, classes, time logs, workouts, billing, account information and more. They are even able to share workouts and progress reports via social media. Trainers and coaches can now create classes, log attendance, monitor performance and market to athletes. Gym owners act as administrators and are able to monitor and automate all gym operations.


Plasma met all goals established and launched the premier gym management software efficiently and within all deadlines. As all needs were met, Chalkbucket Labs platform is able to market to major clients and create real revenue. The system was able to pull massive amounts of data and proved to be very scalable and effective.