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Business Process Automation in the Telecom Industry

In this unprecedented age of Covid-19, it is more important than ever for organizations to choose technologies that will allow them to be adaptable and resilient with the continual ambiguity we are facing. From one week to the next here in the U.S. our policies are morphing to deal with the fluctuation in cases on a state by state basis.

Telecom Steps Up to the Challenge

No industry has stepped up to the task better than the Telecom / Communication Service Providers who support consumers, businesses, health care providers, schools & government agencies in contending with dramatic changes. Not many other industries have had to scale so rapidly to contend with the communication network requirements necessary to meet the demands of:

  • Dozens of stand-up field hospitals
  • An entire nation of ‘work from home’ workforce
  • Students of all ages learning from home / home schooling
  • Increased take-out food & grocery delivery services
  • and naturally, major increases in video conferencing, binge watching and gaming

Think about it. How diverse the processes and activities involved in supporting each one of the above-mentioned customer needs are! The Telecom/CSP providers have made substantial adjustments to many of their core processes at a precipitous pace to adapt. For example:

  • Network Management & Optimization
  • New Customer Onboarding
  • Device Certification & Tracking
  • Customer Journey Management

The ability to provide reliable and secure communications capabilities for all customers and managing the end to end customer journey when everything is in flux makes it especially challenging to ensure a positive customer experience on a consistent basis.

Prior to the pandemic madness, the telecom industry was already an integral player in most companies’ digital transformation programs. Data and voice communications are critical to any digital organization.

Telecom Industry

Telecom and Business Process Automation

So how do these Telco companies make such major changes to their processes while maintaining an excellent customer experience? Most of these companies have implemented Business Process Automation platforms that allow them to redefine and configure changing processes quickly and securely. They have identified and mapped out the mission critical processes and digitally enabled them with highly integrated, cloud applications, accessible to all relevant parts of their organizations on a timely basis, regardless of location.

The list of providers for these types of platforms is extensive. Choosing one over the other is not the point we want to make here. The point is that the organization must be choosing some type of digital workflow platform to swiftly contend with the current environment. The pandemic has returned digital transformation to the spotlight for many organizations that were merely giving it ‘air cover’ at a superficial level.  It has put every digital business model to the test. Some organizations proved agile and resilient, but most were sent back to the drawing board to reconstruct their digital and analytic foundations.

Choosing the right platform and partner is now more critical than ever for everyone.  A future article will provide some guidelines on how to do just that.

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