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Digital Transformation – Baby Steps

For some companies, the notion of digitizing their entire business can sound daunting. Legacy processes become implanted deep within employees and users, and the sheer fact that a process has been proven over time can feel excuse enough to not take the plunge into the world of automation. Does this mean that digital transformation is a ground-up renovation to an entire business infrastructure or are there ways to transform in a less intimidating, yet still efficient manner? Below are some simple ways a legacy business can start to transform in baby steps.

Replace your Spreadsheet Processes

Sometimes the business world feels like it is run by spreadsheets. While these document formats can be useful for quick data management or simple table structure organization, there comes a point where a process can outmatch a spreadsheet. Here are some typical problems that accumulate over time:

  • Version Control – Multiple users managing data in local environments can cause data to be overwritten or out-versioned.
  • Security – Any time local documents are maintained, managed, and shared there comes an inherent risk. No ability to create access levels or password protection can quickly make company data volatile.
  • Data Validation & Restriction – Reporting can quickly become difficult when many data points do not share the same data types across records.
  • Scaling Processes – Some minor processes can quickly grow overnight and if there is a need to maintain large amounts of data in a small amount of time, a spreadsheet may not suffice.

 The Power of Workflows

C2M® provides workflow-driven solutions that will avoid the issues above and replace any business process maintained through a spreadsheet whether small or complex. Processes can be maintained in a cloud environment protected by role-based accounts, so version issues and security threats can be successfully mitigated. There are also many features available to automate data validation and input so that ever-growing processes can be maintained and evaluated easily.

Implement Event Management & Notifications

While email and chat has become a very important aspect of successful business communication, there are many opportunities to improve on this manner of triggering process. Here are some downfalls to this legacy way of moving a business process forward:

  • Concise Traceability – When a process is broken and in need of lessons learned evaluation, email systems are very difficult to search and find specific scenarios, users and time logs.
  • Human Error – Leaving these communications up to humans can result in misrepresented data, delayed notification and even totally forgotten communication.
  • Professionalism – Whether internal or external, notifications need to be clear, consistent, and professional. Without a standard format, this type of notification can be at risk of appearing unprofessional.

C2M® can support event-managed notifications, SMS and email, to help businesses communicate efficiently throughout their processes. Implementing this type of solution can be the first step to digitizing a manual process and in preventing some of the dangers outlined above.

There are many ways to begin the digital transformation of your company and they do not all need to be extravagant.  Digital Transformation has rightfully become a necessity across many industries. Taking the first steps can appear daunting, but due to the growing number of legacy process hazards, taking baby steps in the digital direction is critical.

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