The Process of Launching a Successful Web App Development Project

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[/vc_column_text][stm_post_details][stm_post_bottom][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Web Applications might seem like a daunting concept, but in reality, they digitize and simplify nearly every daily activity imaginable. Applications can be used for organizational means as well as entertainment. Examples of this can be seen within all types of transactions, from servicing your vehicle to utilizing your online banking system. Simply defined, they are a web-based system or solution that is developed and deployed in order to perform some type of task or responsibility.

When launching a custom web application development project, there are several key factors to enable success within that project. If executed correctly, web applications make your everyday work environment more agile and functional, increasing overall productivity. So what steps does this level of success entail?

Establish Your Goals

There is the old saying, “Any project can be done good, fast, cheap. Pick any 2 above.”
In order to successfully initiate a quality custom web application, you must first identify project goals in addition to internal accountability to ensure successful implementation.

So what is your ultimate destination? Do you need a portal that will integrate consumer purchasing capabilities along with full product options? Do you need a simpler platform to monitor and execute employee and management tasks? Are you looking for a higher level of organization for reporting? Once you successfully identify your project goals, you can begin to build a baseline for implementation. It might also be beneficial to identify what your competition is doing. Comparing the tools they utilize will give you insight and set you up for success.

What’s Your Budget?

Your budget needs to be reasonable and have room for margin. Keep in consideration unexpected delays and additions. It is not enough to forecast your project budget once. Frequent budget management and reforecasting will keep you on track and eliminate large percent overages.

Identify Your Resources

Project management and resource analysis goes hand in hand with budgeting. Simply put, who is in charge of what and how much will it all cost?

1. Project Manager: “The Devil is in the Details,” so it is crucial to assign a person to manage them. Project managers can facilitate every aspect within tracking and implementation including, but not limited to budget, quality, risk, goals and roadblocks. They are your visionary leader. Their primary responsibilities include initiating, planning and executing.

2. Business Analyst: Assigning a business analyst to work hand in hand with the project manager will provide you with the utmost security within your project. They are responsible for identifying high-level, functional objectives and requirements of the application to be deployed by working with key organization stakeholders to identify the specific business needs, goals and long-term objectives of the organization.

When these 2 assets work in perfect harmony, planning and tracking your project is simplified and will result in a successful execution.

Time is Money

What is your timeline? Unreasonable timelines set the stage for failure. Just as in budgeting, considerations must be made for unexpected delays and revisions. Once you have identified your measurable goals and resources, you can develop a more reasonable timeline that is still in line with your budget.

Selecting Your Vendor

Custom web application development needs professional organization and execution. Selecting a vendor is really the easiest and most efficient route, but first there are several things to take into consideration. Three key traits to seek within your vendor should be agility, ability and track record. What is your vendor’s past experience? Were they able to deliver in a timely fashion within the budget requirements? Working with a credible and agile vendor will empower you to monitor and manage your project from beginning to end.

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Implementation and Follow-up

Success comes from taking the initiative and following up. Once implementation is in place, you need to have a reasonable expectation about maintaining and continuously enhancing your web application development project. Change requests, bug fixes, security patches and server maintenance must all be factored into your timeline and budget.

Working with Plasma

Plasma Computing Group makes your web application development project painless.
With our skilled team of web developers, project managers and graphic designers, we serve as your visionary leader from beginning to project’s end. In addition, Plasma’s extensive experience with BPM environments enables you to streamline your process management systems making your business more efficient.

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