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Top 6 Smart City Solutions and Applications

The Internet of Things is making its way into our everyday life, whether we notice it or not. Smart City deployments and solutions make up one of the largest IoT markets in the world. These applications are developed to increase citizen safety, save government money, reduce environment footprint and more. Here is a list of some of the top Smart City solutions.

  • Smart Parking
    Smart Parking is perhaps the most adopted IoT smart city solution of all. Major cities around the world are incorporating sensors and devices that count the number of cars in a lot, notify for open spaces and even notify users when their parking time has expired. There are many smart parking benefits that will help transform a city into a smart city.
  • Waste Management
    The amount of trash is globally increasing at a very high rate. Cities will be forced to become smarter by integrating automation solutions that manage this increase in waste. This is being done by efforts such as smart trash sorting, truck optimization and even underground pipes collecting household garbage.
  • Smart Street Lighting
    Every city of lights has an extensive process to managing light posts, traffic lights and any city-owned device with a bulb. By capturing and automating smart city data correctly, this maintenance need could be reduced to a streamlined process from monitoring and notifying to instillation and restocking.
  • Water Management
    Cities must manage their drinking water to ensure that citizens have enough to safely consume. Smart city water management can include optimized contamination monitoring, leak detection, quality control, maintenance and more.
  • Smart Surveillance
    Safety is key in major cities that experience crime in numbers. IoT physical security can include intelligent monitoring, tampering alerts, perimeter protection, facial recognition and automobile tracking.
  • Smart Buildings
    The Internet of Things is also changing building management throughout cities by introducing smart building devices and solutions. Office building managers can save money and provide better service to tenants by incorporating systems like remote monitoring, smart landscaping, IoT physical security and appliance maintenance.

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