Solutions and Services that deliver: maximized crop yields, improved crop quality, reductions in labor costs, more efficient use of capital equipment, and improved financial results.

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Maximize Yields, Improve Productivity, and Reduce Costs

Plasma delivers solutions and services that enable agriculture enterprises to implement “smart” systems and applications that will drive: increases in productivity, better utilization of assets, and reductions in operating costs. These enhancements can produce a competitive advantage in an industry where productivity and operating margins must be constantly monitored and managed.

Our suite of IT solutions and services offer agriculture companies a strong foundation from which to implement transformational changes in areas related to: process automation, data analytics, predictive analytics, IoT- enabled device integration, widget-based dashboards, and more. Plasma can help take your agriculture operation to the next level of performance.

Digital Transformation and Field Service Management – Getting an Edge

Customers now rate the quality of experience as important as the quality of the service that is delivered. This is a fundamental shift that requires FSM companies to expand their toolboxes to include those technologies that will enable new capabilities to meet those new demands.
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Featured Solutions and Services for Agriculture

Data Analytics

Collect, visualize, and analyze data from IoT enabled devices and connected applications to monitor critical parameters that determine crop heath and yields.
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Cloud Migration

Leverage the inherent advantages of cloud-based applications and architectures that enable real-time interactions with crop data from anywhere, at any time.
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Award-winning MicroAI™ Atom SDK
Implementation Services

The performance of complex applications and systems cannot be fully maximized without delivery of enterprise-grade Implementation Services.
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

AI and ML innovations that provide competitive advantages in precision farming, image analysis of crop health, and the use of robotics to reduce labor costs.
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Managed Services

Technology and process-enabled Managed Services that allow the agricultural enterprise to fully capitalize on its investments in systems and applications.
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A recognized leader in the Agricultural and Livestock Industry had an urgent need for revitalization of several of its mission-critical business systems. See how Plasma addressed the following concerns:

  • Manual Processing of Sales Contacts & Other Legal Documents
  • Lack of a Consolidated Topline Reporting Solution
  • Back Office Functions Driven by Legacy Systems

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