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Avoid the Average “Cookie-Cutter” CRM Approach

Your organization deserves better. Engage with CRM specialists that have proven experience across multiple industries and CRM products ⁠— knowing what works and what doesn’t.


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In these modern times, your company needs a specialized touch. Most CRM solutions are often left on your doorstep without continued support. These solutions leave your company wondering if you are missing essential capabilities or if they can even integrate with other software. Chasing down support for these half-baked solutions often means costly over-expenditures and timely one-off meetings.
We make sure you end up with a fine-tuned CRM solution that is perfect for the way your enterprise operates. We have more integrations than our competitors without sacrificing affordability. We differentiate and pride ourselves in our process of making sure your organization and our team of CRM specialists are in-sync with all business needs.

“Landmark is a global leader in the Agriculture and Livestock Industry. We selected Plasma CRM to replace our existing CRM after comparing it with the most popular CRMs in the industry. During our selection process it became evident that Plasma CRM has a very sophisticated and comprehensive set of capabilities and features. Plasma CRM can support your existing operations and processes without forcing you to change the way you operate.

The Implementation includes Plasma CRM modules: Quote to cash , Product Management, Contracts, Commission Management, and Mobility. Plasma CRM supports over $3.2 billion in annual revenues, 1,500+ employees, 100,000+ customers, and 400+ branch offices. We are bringing new disruptive market offerings with our enhanced capabilities from Plasma CRM.

We are very happy with the capabilities and responsiveness of Plasma and strongly recommend Plasma CRM for any industry, including for small, medium or large enterprises.”

– Kym Gunn, General Manager, Wool at Landmark

Some of our most common CRM features:

*All dashboards below are unique and customized

Opportunity Tracking

Many potential deals are lost due to losing track of where those opportunities lie within their individual “life-cycles”. Poor visibility leads to lost opportunities. A custom CRM solution from Plasma provides dynamic sales lifecycle management capabilities that allows for continuous tracking and management of your opportunities from initial contact through sale and delivery.


What is Quote-to-Cash? It represents your complete business lifecycle, from the creation of the sales opportunity (quote) to your actual receipt of payment for your goods or services. Your Quote-to-Cash performance touches virtually every aspect of your operation and, therefore, can be either a positive driving force, or a significant hindrance. A high-performing Quote-to-Cash process will drive both revenue and profit.

Sales Process Automation

Plasma’s CRM solution provides a workflow-based platform that can automate all critical decision and action points within your Sales Process. As your Sales Process evolves, update your workflow to reflect that evolution. Unlike many other non-customizable CRM products, Plasma’s solution is workflow-based, allowing for quick and cost-effective changes and updates. Sales lifecycle management supported by powerful process automation.

…and so much more!

  • Customized Dashboards
  • Sales Management and Analytics
  • Data-Driven Allocation of Sales Resources
  • Custom Reporting
  • Specific Customization for the Enterprise
  • Implementation, Hosting, and Support
  • etc

Meeting today’s demands requires more than the typical “cookie-cutter” approach to CRM.

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