2020 Connected World IoT Innovations Awards

The Connected World IoT Innovations Awards recognize those leading-edge products and solutions that are providing transformative value within...

DALLAS – June 5, 2020 – ONE Tech, a global leader in edge AI technology, and a Plasma subsidiary, is proud to announce that our MicroAI™ solution has been awarded a 2020 IoT Innovations Award from Connected World.


The Connected World IoT Innovations Awards recognize those leading-edge products and solutions that are providing transformative value within the realm of IoT. Annual nominations for the award are submitted for evaluation by Connected World’s editorial advisory board of judges. Evaluation criteria includes the following:

  • Technology uniqueness
  • Type of product/solution
  • How the company collaborated with others on innovation


“Immediacy is the name of the game with ONE Tech’s MicroAI™. Giving data directly to plant or city operators is a true game changer.” – Peggy Smedley


ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ is a sophisticated machine learning algorithm that lives directly on a targeted machine or IoT device and allows enterprises to eliminate catastrophic downtimes associated with maintenance issues and cyberattacks. Unlike traditional AI solutions that reside only in the cloud, MicroAI™ is configured and trained on the network edge.


ONE Tech’s solutions help OEMs, network operators and enterprises gain deeper insight into the health, performance, and security of their connected assets by collecting critical data and delivering real-time insights without that data ever leaving the local environment. This leads to reduced downtime and cloud dependency, lower maintenance costs, improved OEE, improved worker safety, and enhanced security visibility across IoT environments.


“ONE Tech’s award-winning nomination for MicroAI™, our proprietary machine learning and predictive analytics engine, highlights our commitment to driving innovation in the edge AI space,” said ONE Tech CEO Yasser Khan.


Details about The IoT Innovations Awards and the list of the 2020 winners are available at  https://connectedworld.com/connected-world-iot-innovations-2020/.


About ONE Tech

ONE Tech is redefining artificial intelligence at the network edge, delivering powerful edge AI and machine learning solutions that help enterprises and industrial companies achieve deeper insights into the behavior of machines and processes within their organization. ONE Tech’s MicroAI™ technology curates raw IoT data on the network edge rather than in the cloud, helping companies discern valuable data and quickly spot anomalies by triggering actionable insights and alerts. Devices are trained in the local environment, allowing for personalization while providing the highest levels of security and privacy. For more information, visit www.micro.ai.