Innovation Hackathon
for COVID-19

  • Start Date: 04/03/2020
  • End Date: 04/19/2020
  • Start Time: 4pm CDT
  • End Time: 4:30pm CDT

Team GoRona

  • Mehreen Shehdad
  • Khursheed Khan
  • Ming Cheng
  • Ajay Rathore
  • Yili Zou

Team Summary

Independently couple of team members had been thinking about how we could build something that could help people in these pressing times but the drawback was limited time and resources. The COVID Hackathon gave us the motivation we needed and we finally had the opportunity to use our technology for a social cause. This team was put together and with five of us, we had full energy, strong technical skills, innovation and great design. We were “go-getters” and I still believe to this day what we build could help communities worldwide and help reduce the spread of the virus at the same time looking out for the mental health of people.

Team GoRona’s Presentation Footage


Placing: 3rd Place!


  1. First Place Team: $5000 team award plus Company would contribute $5000 towards your favorite charity working to help local communities
  2. Second Place Team: $2500 team award
  3. Third Place Team: $150 Amazon Gift Card for each member
  4. Lots of consolation prizes for everyone for participating

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