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Plasma Powering Industrial 4.0 Solutions in Oil and Gas

Plasma’s dynamic suite of products and solutions is helping drive a host of Industry 4.0 innovations within the Oil and Gas industry. Real-time AI-powered edge computing processing, predictive analytics, intelligent workflows, and asset optimization are being utilized to deliver improved asset performance and overall operational optimization.

Within the Oil and Gas segment Plasma has multiple areas of operational focus:


  • Exploration: Seismic data acquisition, data processing and interpretation
  • Drilling: Real-time asset and process monitoring, including predictive analytics
  • Uptime Optimization: Reductions in unexpected equipment downtimes via proactive alerts on signs of potential problems


  • Regulatory Compliance: Maintaining regulatory compliance via introduction of Business Process Automation supported by intelligent workflows
  • Pipeline Monitoring: Real-time monitoring of pipelines to enable faster responses to accidents, leaks, and other field problems


  • Infrastructure Integration: Improving downstream operational efficiencies and reducing operational costs via connection of various components of an internal infrastructure
  • Logistics Optimization: Process automation and real-time scheduling and monitoring of tanker trucks pick-ups and deliveries.

Plasma looks forward to continued collaboration with stakeholders in the Oil and Gas industry in delivery of innovative Industry 4.0 solutions.

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