The performance of complex applications and systems cannot be fully maximized without delivery of enterprise-grade Implementation Services.

Implementation Services

A successful implementation of new applications or systems requires a service provider that brings an holistic approach to its implementation services. Plasma’s Implementation Service protocol includes: a consultative approach to requirements gathering, a time-tested Implementation Methodology, and reliable post Implementation Support.

A Customized CRM-An Accelerator to Your Business Growth

A large percentage of businesses now employ some type of CRM application to help manage customer relationships. As enterprises continue to look for ways to gain competitive advantage many are switching from older—more restrictive—CRM applications to customized CRM solutions that are tailored to meet very specific business needs.
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Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

Many investments in expensive software applications never produce significant operational advantage, or acceptable ROI, due to implementations and deployments that were poorly planned and executed. In many cases, the enterprise must expend additional resources in an attempt to recover from a mismanaged implementation. Specific problems often include:

  • Lack of documented implementation protocols and routines leads to an ad-hoc approach that is prone to process gaps and errors.
  • Use of outdated tools and processes that are not compatible with today’s complex applications and architectures.
  • Use of non-agile methodologies that deliver diminished value while driving increased implementation costs.
  • Failure to understand the unique business needs of the enterprise results in unplanned downtimes and business interruptions.
  • Inadequate post-implementation support that fails to validate application performance or to provide adequate problem resolution.
“The transition from legacy tools and systems that were manual, isolated, and disparate to powerful solutions that are automated, dynamic, and connected has powered the client’s transformation of their Dealer and Store Onboarding routines.

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Plasma Service Benefits:

Plasma’s professional Implementation Services will deliver the following to ensure a successful deployment of your application(s) and to create the foundation for a positive ROI.

A full team of Technologists experienced in delivering enterprise-level implementation services. Our team includes: Project Managers, Solution Architects, Configuration Analysts, and Business Analysts.

A robust Discovery (requirements gathering) process that will capture all requirements and serve as the foundation for Implementation planning.

Use of best-practice tools and methodologies designed to produce optimum results for your particular environment type (on-premise, cloud).

Detailed Implementation planning that will consider your specific day to day business requirements so that interruptions are minimized.

Implementation in phases to ensure maintenance of data integrity throughout the entire Implementation process.

Post Implementation validation and support (Managed Services) that will validate the performance of you application and provide ongoing support in the areas of: performance monitoring, issue resolution, and reporting.

Compact AI Made for Any MCUs

Implementation, Hosting, and Support (Managed Services)

Any software application is only as good as the quality of its implementation and of the ongoing support services. Plasma has a 15 year track record of providing high-end implementation, hosting, and support services for a wide range of enterprise-level deployments.

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