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The Business Need

AT&T introduced the Advanced Solutions Customer Service (ASC) for customers who needed an effortless self-help experience resource. The website features a collection of digital business solutions featuring how-to videos, written tutorials, and much more. Prior to introduction of the ASC, AT&T did not have a centralized location for their consumers for any sort of guidance when it came to AT&T products and services. AT&T’s Business Mobility Customer Care team came to Plasma to turn their vision into a reality.

The AT&T Business Mobility Customer Care team needed an efficient and informative portal to provide all business solution tutorials and how-to videos in one convenient location on the web. The company was spending a vast amount of money on call centers and needed to reduce those costs and increase efficiency. That led to the idea of creating a website that would offer support via easy access to a large repository of educational collaterals. The AT&T internal team needed a website/portal that allowed easy access to, and upload of, educational collaterals. This custom e-care website/portal would need to bring together a large amount of material and information in a consistent and user-friendly way. The website would need to include the following three sections for consumer purposes: about the portal, products, and resources.

The Solution

Plasma helped AT&T turn their idea into a reality by developing a customized website/portal that met all the essential requirements for AT&T’s consumers. They initiated the development process by creating a content management system (CMS) for their Business Mobility Content team. The portal is designed to give the content team the ability to edit or hide products and add tutorial documents and videos from a customized admin site Plasma created for them.

AT&T’s internal team can access the portal by the dynamic content management system to change aspects of the website without having to change any coding. Plasma combined over 1,000 tutorials and videos for 25 products (and growing) all onto one unified portal that enables AT&T consumers to search and find what they need. Plasma helped AT&T Business Mobility Customer Care team turn their vision into a reality by developing a customized and efficient portal that met all of AT&T’s high-level business requirements.

The Impact

Plasma’s development of the ASC portal has effectively increased AT&T’s bottom line by significantly reducing costs associated with expensive call centers and support systems. The user-friendly portal became a key factor in optimizing AT&T’s business agility and overall customer support process while bringing down costs and time investments.

The ASC portal has also helped improve services and customer loyalty through better data utility and support. ASC has benefited not only the consumers, but also the sales representatives in that now they have the ability and resources to provide demos and selling points to potential consumers. Thanks to Plasma, ASC has gained a lot of recognition by AT&T consumers and continues to improve the consumer’s support experience on a consistent basis.

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