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Digital CRM Integrated with Custom Process Automation

The Business Need

A leading Telecom Operator was managing several business-critical processes using legacy systems and tools. Specifically, they were using a combination of homegrown spreadsheets and an isolated, non-customized, CRM solution to manage complex processes related to qualification and onboarding of new Authorized Dealers and the onboarding and management of new retail stores.

To sustain, and accelerate, business growth the enterprise needed comprehensive solutions that would automate these mission-critical processes. The solutions would need to be customized to meet the client’s unique needs and have inbuilt flexibility to accommodate evolving requirements.

The Solution

After an in-depth Project Discovery process with key client stakeholders it was determined that Plasma would design, develop, deploy, and manage two customized application solutions that would fully satisfy the client’s requirements. Plasma delivered a Dealer Onboarding Solution and a Store Onboarding and Management Solution. These solutions have provided the client with full automation and enhanced control of macro processes such as:

Tracking and management of all processes related to the recruiting, qualification, onboarding, and ongoing management of new Authorized Dealers.
Comprehensive management and control of processes associated with store location evaluation, store location selection, and all activities related to the complex process of store construction.

Each of these solutions contains branched micro-applications that provide automation for business processes such as: Legal Document Management, Invoicing and Fund Allocation, Sales Analytics, and Vendor Management.

The Impact

The client is now managing mission-critical processes utilizing custom solutions that deliver:

  • Process automation and control: Elimination of inefficient manual processes.
  • Real-time data and insights: Data that can be acted upon in real time.
  • Customizable Dashboards: Dashboards customized for specific viewer requirements.
  • Custom Reporting: Reports customized for leadership and individual contributors.
  • Integration with other existing client systems: Elimination of data silos.
  • Scalability: Full ability to be scaled with the client’s business growth.

The transition from legacy tools and systems that were manual, isolated, and disparate to powerful solutions that are automated, dynamic, and connected has powered the client’s transformation of their Dealer and Store Onboarding routines. These core processes are now more effectively and efficiently controlled. The client has reported significant reductions in the amount of time required to onboard new dealers and stores. These enhancements in their core processes are enabling the client to realize their near and long-term business objectives.

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