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The Business Need

Enterprise Financial Group (EFG) approached Plasma to develop a Digital Transformation solution to automate their Vehicle Insurance Claims process. The goal of the engagement was to create a BPM driven process which is streamlined and user-friendly to order vehicle parts that fit cost and delivery time requirements. The technology involved in the project was migration of AS400 backend to Web enabled architecture.

EFG’s existing system to order parts for insurance claims was very rigid, lacked optimal user experience, flexibility and scalability being a legacy AS400 system. The claims process was taking too long and was not producing ideal results. An important part of the claims process is to “shop” the part prices and labor estimates provided by vendors and then compare these to other parts available in the market and the nationally recognized labor hours and labor rates reported. The process to “shop” parts is time consuming and prone to errors due to the manual steps involves. To save time, money and resources, the system automatically provides all vendor prices, delivery times and specifications in such a way that users can compare and make quick, educated purchasing decisions.

This allows for EFG to find the cheapest price available when ordering vehicle parts. Also, as the legacy system had many user experience limitations, the new system will need to be very user focused and allow for seamless navigation and agile decision making.

EFG – Parts Wizard

The Solution

To meet the needs of EFG, Plasma built a very agile, scalable and user friendly system, Parts Wizard. The upgrade now allows for users to quickly view pricing options, delivery times and more. By replacing the manual shopping steps, the tool will ensure that only the appropriate parts are presented as options to order. This saves time and allows for flexible decision making based on price and delivery of a specific part from a registered vendor.

The new system aggregates many part vendors and is scalable for future vendor additions. With an increase in vendor selection there is a sure rise in part variety. Now, users are able to find aftermarket and OEM parts as well. The user friendly platform now automates the entire vehicle insurance claims process, saves on costs, and increases user flexibility.

The Impact

Plasma successfully pushed the Parts Wizard solution into production and was able to meet all business needs within the projected time frame. Prioritizing the “best” choice, the tool guides the adjustor to the selection that is recommended. With these steps all automated and available within the existing claims workflow, the accuracy of claims increases.

Also, the new system significantly cuts down the claims processing time and allows for users to be well informed before making critical decisions. Those decisions can now be made with ease on the user friendly, scalable and flexible platform- saving critical time, money and resources.

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