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Electrocardiogram (ECG) as a Service – Rapid Diagnosis from Anywhere

The Industry Challenge

Today’s healthcare providers are faced with the challenge of delivering diagnostic services that are more accessible, more reliable, and more immediate. To meet this challenge, the healthcare industry is continuously looking to adopt technologies that will transform diagnostic architectures that are currently siloed and non-communicative into fully integrated diagnostic ecosystems.

The Electrocardiogram (ECG or EKG) test is high on the priority list of many service providers looking for ways to further enhance their diagnostic services. Those providers are looking for technologies that can make the ECG experience more convenient for the patient and more efficient for the provider.


The Solution

In collaboration with ECG equipment manufacturers and other industry experts, Plasma has developed an ECG as a Service solution that is delivered via a backbone that combines cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities with other digital technologies.  Plasma’s ECG as a Service solution is powered by its IoT platform, C2M®, a digitally integrated ecosystem that enables real-time feedback, deeper insights, improved management, and predictive analytics. Specific capabilities include the following:


ECG ECG machines are easily connected to Plasma’s C2M® platform.
ECG data A GP/nurse practitioner sends ECG data to C2M® via a WiFi or mobile network.
C2M® intakes patient information and ECG data and stores that data in a diagnostics que.
Remote cardiologists have one-click access to individual ECG results within the diagnostics que.
Provides customizable views of data: patient demographics, current ECG readings, historical ECG readings, device interpretation, and more.
cardiologist Cardiologists send diagnosis back to GP/nurse practitioner via SMS, email, and cloud.
Turnaround time targeted at two minutes (from ECG acquisition to return of diagnosis).

The Impact


Plasma’s ECG as a Service solution provides healthcare providers with a digitally powered, easily integrated, protocol for delivering next-generation ECG services to their patients. Hospitals, clinics, and out-patient facilities will benefit from these capabilities. The positive impacts include the following:

  • Providers have real-time ECG data access from anywhere using mobile devices.
  • Provides customizable screens and dashboards for viewing ECG data and patient information.
  • Secure access utilizing user-role authorization and other industry-standard protocols.
  • Provides a closed-loop system for delivery of ECG diagnosis in minutes rather than hours or days.
  • Provides patients with a more convenient testing experience.
  • Provides healthcare service providers with deeper insights obtained from connected diagnostic networks.
  • Promotes more efficient utilization of provider resources and drives improved operational performance.
  • Enables quicker development of best practices based on sharing of large volumes of ECG data.

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