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Integrated CRM and Data-Analytics

The Business Need

A recognized leader in the Agricultural and Livestock Industry had an urgent need for revitalization of several of its mission-critical business systems. Operational inefficiencies were inhibiting the company’s ability to fully capitalize on business opportunities and to realize maximum revenue and bottom-line results. Primary areas of concern were identified as:

Manual processing of sales contracts and other legal documents resulting in significant delays in delivery and execution. Those delays created extra working capital burdens for the company on the order of several million dollars. Manual processing of contracts often resulted in documents that were incomplete, illegible, or that had become lost in transit. Inefficient paper trails often resulted in missed invoicing and loss of revenue.
The lack of a consolidated Topline Reporting Solution significantly hindered the ability to gather an holistic view of critical business information. Critical data was spread across three disparate, non-communicative, systems resulting in reporting that was often inaccurate and incomplete.
Back Office functions driven by legacy systems were creating significant inefficiencies related to data-entry, management, and validation. Outdated legacy systems that required heavy maintenance and that were prone to failure.

The Solution

After an extensive Project Discovery process between Plasma and key client stakeholders it was determined that Plasma would design, develop, and deploy the following application solutions for the client:

  • A comprehensive CRM application that would be customized to address the specific functionality requirements of the client. The Plasma CRM application effectively replaced the client’s existing cookie-cutter CRM application as well as another legacy, disconnected, application.
  • A Tablet application for the creation and routing of E-Contracts.
  • A Topline Reporting, Dashboarding, and Analytics Solution.

The Impact

Impact of Data Analytics

Plasma’s deployment of the above solutions has powered demonstrable improvements in operational efficiencies across several areas of the client’s business. Positive impacts have included:

  • The ability for users to quickly create E-Contracts offline and to route those contracts to appropriate recipients once back in network coverage. This has significantly reduced document handling time, reduced the potential for error, and allows for quicker invoicing.
  • State-of-the-art reporting and analytics capabilities provides the client with the ability to:
    • Quickly create custom dashboards
    • Create automatic reports to deliver real-time data
    • Establish and monitor real-time KPI’s
    • Create custom real-time data queries
    • Communicate with agents in real time to share critical information
  • The elimination of legacy systems has improved data integrity and availability across the enterprise. Legacy system maintenance, risk of failure, and dependence on scarce legacy system expertise have all been dramatically reduced.

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