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Monitoring and Managing IT Infrastructure in Real Time

The Business Need

A recognized leader in entertainment, communications, and networking technology had a mission-critical need for an enterprise-grade solution that would provide end-to-end capability for the management of a complex IT infrastructure.

The solution would need to be able to support large volumes of users, from multiple locations, using a wide range of equipment and protocols. The solution would also need to have inbuilt scalability to allow for continued growth of the client’s business.

The Solution

After a thorough analysis of several potential supplier’s the company selected Plasma to design, deploy, and manage a customized IT Infrastructure Monitoring solution. Plasma’s firm grasp of the client’s requirements, combined with a proven ability to deliver powerful, digitally-driven, solutions were the key factors in the client’s decision.

The solution developed by Plasma has provided the client with a full suite of technology-powered IT Infrastructure Management capabilities. Capabilities that include:

Ability to provide real-time support for multiple customers, from multiple locations, from a single pane of glass.
A workflow-based ability to provide automatic alerts, escalations, and service tickets.
Integration via SNMP Traps, messages, polls, logs, alarms, and general operational data.
Ability to integrate with client’s applicable legacy software applications.
Ability to conduct predictive analytics to support predictive maintenance routines.
Dynamic network topology mapping.
Other built-in features: big data storage, data-analytics, custom reporting, and custom, widget-based, KPI dashboarding.

The Impact

The client is now able to maintain constant, real-time, contact with all elements contained within its diverse IT ecosystem. The Plasma IT Infrastructure Management solution is powering the client’s ability to provide best-in-class service to it’s clients while also improving internal operational efficiencies and reducing overall IT costs.

The built-in scalability of the Plasma solution will allow the client to add additional functionality as business and technology needs continue to evolve. With these advantages the client is well-positioned for continued market growth via delivery of superior services to its growing client base.

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