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Thursday, Mar 03, 2016

9 Benefits of Workflow Automation


9 Benefits of Workflow Automation

In order to stay competitive and grow, a business must optimize its processes to minimize inefficiencies, preserve resources and ultimately increase revenue. Today I want to highlight how Workflow Automation can improve your business process and deliver benefits to your entire organization.

Business Workflow Automation is a concept that transforms existing business activities, roles and tasks from legacy and manual systems into a centralized, automated structure. Actions, such as approvals, requests, assignments and claims, once handled manually and on paper, can now be executed digitally and through an organized workflow.

Reasons to adopt a Workflow Automation Solution

The benefits of your organization implementing the right Workflow Management Platform are endless. Here are 6 great reasons to adopt a Workflow Automation solution:

  • Reducing Errors - The right Workflow Automation solution will eliminate all manual and human error that would otherwise cost precious time and resources to address. The system will notify late actions, non-approvals, overlooked tasks and more.
  • Improved Communication – Employees no longer need to manually notify each other when a process is complete or moves from one role to another. Notifications and status updates keep all team members involved and informed.
  • Employee Success – A Workflow Automation Platform should set employees up for success. Eliminating repetitive and manual processes motivates employees and allows them to focus on more important tasks which, in turn, can boost morale and enhance product innovation.
  • Reduce Costs – The cost associated with human error and time-to-market is significantly reduced if not eliminated altogether. Overall, a streamlined process will optimize use of valuable time and resources.
  • Visibility and Status – Management visibility and internal status reporting is made easy when a workflow is automated correctly. Employee approval hierarchy and accountability can now be clearly stated for all to see. This eliminates finger-pointing and promotes complete transparency.
  • Scalability – When mundane and manual tasks are automated, resources open up for an organization’s ability to grow. With the right Workflow Automation solution, a company can eliminate bottlenecks and meet new demands.
  • Organization – Notifications play an important role in keeping all tasks organized and in view. These notifications can be set through easily identifiable email, text message and platform pop-ups and can replace unorganized post-it notes, white board jotting and employee memory error.
  • Integration – With the right platform, an Automated Workflow can integrate 3rd party SaaS applications, ERP systems, and legacy databases where applicable. Now, all disparate data and systems can play appropriate roles in one process.
  • Real-Time Reports – Real-Time insight and reporting available to management can improve the decision making process and help an organization learn from inefficiencies.

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The benefits from implementing a business Workflow Automation solution into your organization are substantial. With the right platform, processes will be streamlined and revenue will increase.

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  • Wade Joel Wade Joel May 16, 2016 2:41PM
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  • Anna Kaylin Anna Kaylin February 2, 2017 7:42AM
    Very nice article with brief and to the point information! What led my company to start using workflows were all the reasons except improved communication as we hadn't thought about it. Eventually the product which we have chosen Comidor fulfill all our needs and help us reach our goals. With customized user fields and forms ,which are used inside Workflow process and tasks, everything is possible and easy.
  • Alex Riya Alex Riya February 28, 2017 4:15AM
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  • Fred Mario Fred Mario October 16, 2017 5:07AM
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  • Arthur DeMarco Arthur DeMarco March 7, 2018 7:58AM
    I like that you mentioned that workflow automation services set employees up for success. I spend a lot of time doing repetitive paperwork and if I didn't have to do that I'd have so much time to help others succeed. I'd also have more time for innovating better ways we could do things at the company. I think it's a great idea!
  • Benj Benj June 5, 2018 12:14AM
    Interesting article. Workflow automation offers many benefits, it streamline the entire process which allows workers to process work at a much faster rate and also eliminates the risk of human mistakes. It also improves employee accountability, etc.
  • sofianan sofianan July 31, 2018 10:55PM
    Nice post,thanks for giving this post this is very useful to every one and like this types also good explanation.thank you