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The Quote-to-Cash process is the financial heartbeat of your organization. Plasma delivers a comprehensive solution that allows you to create, and implement, business-process innovations across your entire sales, delivery, and support chain. Innovations that drive improved efficiencies in your QTC process that result in increased revenue and improved bottom-lines.

What is Quote-to-Cash?

What is Quote-to-Cash? Simply put, it is the process by which your organization drives revenue. It represents your complete business lifecycle, from the creation of the sales opportunity (quote) to your actual receipt of payment for your goods or services. Your Quote-to-Cash performance touches virtually every aspect of your operation and, therefore, can be either a positive driving force, or a significant hindrance. A high-performing QTC process will drive both revenue and profit.

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Outdated Business Models

No holistic solution that allows for creation of new business models that are supported by process automation.

Limited Visibility

No ability to develop a 360° view of the entire Quote-to-Cash process results in errors, missed opportunities, lost revenue, and degraded bottom-line results.

Isolated Quote Systems

Stand-alone quotation systems that are not integrated with other applications within the sales process. Inhibits the ability to make timely decisions based on a comprehensive, and consolidated, view of critical information.

Siloed Data

Lack of ability to provide the entire sales channel with a consolidated—real-time—view of product and pricing information. Inhibits the ability to quickly, and accurately, react to pricing and product information requests.


Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

Poor Quote-to-Cash performance can create a host of debilitating problems for the enterprise, limiting its ability to fully realize its potential and jeopardizing its long-term viability. Specific problems and risks can include:

Provides a complete, real-time, view of your entire pipeline forecast. Enables decision-making based on facts instead of assumptions. Make timely forecast decisions and adjustments to achieve maximum impact. Establish your own custom parameters to enable automated forecast actions when necessary.

Provides real-time visibility into all critical performance metrics within your operation. Enables fact-based decision-making based on live assessment of data related to sales forecasts, historical forecast accuracy, pricing data, discount models, contract obligations, etc.

Unlike most stand-alone legal document management solutions, the Plasma solution is fully integrated within the framework of our holistic Quote-to-Cash platform. Full automation of all of your legal document routines (creation, review, redlining, approval, release, storage, etc.) allows for accurate and efficient handling of your legal documents. Reduces the potential for costly errors while significantly reducing manual, labor-intensive, processing.

The Plasma Quote-to-Cash Solution will be customized to address the unique needs and objectives of your business. The Plasma team of Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Technologists, and UX Specialists provide the expertise necessary to ensure that your business requirements are fully synthesized, and that your Quote-to-Cash Solution is designed to deliver maximum value and rapid ROI.


Plasma’s Quote-to-Cash Solution Delivers Value Across Your Organization


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Plasma has been a smart choice for us as our online business partner. I don’t even consider our work with them outsourcing because Plasma management takes the time to truly understand our business and is able to direct its technology resources for the most efficient and quality output possible. I don’t think you can say that about many companies in their space.
Mark Rappaport
Chief Information Officer and President, Simplicity Protection


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