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The explosion in connected IoT devices, combined with telecom networks’ transition to 5G, has created new opportunities and challenges for telecom operators and service providers. Meeting those challenges requires solutions that are inherently intelligent and that operate much closer to the assets within telecom networks and the industries they serve.


Current Challenge

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises


Device Certification and Provisioning

Device certification and provisioning processes are impeded by the lack of process visibility and control required to achieve high speed and reliability. Elongated test and certification routines delay the release of new products to the market.


Network Observability Gaps

Lack of embedded intelligence makes it difficult for operators and device OEMs to acquire the real-time performance insights that would improve quality of service (QoS) performance to their customers.


Inability to Predict

The absence of multidimensional behavioral algorithms to produce the recursive analysis, learning, training, and processing required to enable predictive modeling on asset performance, customer trends, etc.


Inefficient Hardware Maintenance

Lack of real-time insights, unscheduled downtimes, and static maintenance routines all combine to create network hardware infrastructures that perform below their optimum capability.


Cyber-threat Detection and Mitigation

Legacy network security applications that do not provide the AI-enabled, Zero-Trust capabilities required to fully protect networks, devices, and customers.


Recognition and Reaction to Market Opportunities

Several technological and operational limitations need to be overcome for telecom operators, MVNOs, OEMs, and CSPs to create new streams of revenue that capitalize on advancements in AI, ML, 5g, and IoT.

Use Case

IoT Empowered Data Analytics and Dashboarding

Take a look at how Plasma’s Solution manages 40+ million devices, and their data analytics, for one of the largest global telecom operators.

Endpoint and edge intelligence

collects, synthesizes, and streams network, machine, and device data from multiple endpoints providing real-time transparency and insights.

Deeper network observability

provides real-time performance observability into an individual machine or into large groups of devices within the telecom network.

Predictive analytics and maintenance

enabled via multivariate analysis performed across large volumes of input channels to generate predictive analytics related to network performance, hardware maintenance, customer usage trends, and more.

Self-learning cyber-security

powered by self-learning algorithms that provide the real-time intelligence needed to protect networks, devices, and customers from today’s sophisticated cyber threats.

GenAI enhanced knowledge management

enables the provision of faster customer support, shortens issue resolution time, predicts demand trends, and reduces process costs.

Solutions and Services

Plasma’s Solutions to those Challenges

By moving intelligence enablement and training much closer to broadband and wireless networks, their assets, and their users, Plasma’s solutions provide a more transparent, and more interconnected, approach to managing today’s complex telecom infrastructures.

Intelligent network optimization that gives operators the ability to optimize network efficiencies, prevent failure, improve device to network visibility, and predict future bandwidth requirements.

Ability to innovate new offerings based on predictive insights into future trends in IoT development, cyber threats, fraud types, and customer demands.

Self-learning security protocols embedded at the network and asset levels that deliver state-of-the-art security to operators, OEMs, and customers.

The ability to visualize and analyze data from networks, devices, customer interactions, and service trends accelerates the development of new products and services and improves customer retention.

Cost reduction across the entire telecom ecosystem via the introduction of higher levels of intelligence, visibility, automation, control, speed, agility, and security.


Benefits for the Telecom Industry


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It has been my experience that Plasma has the technical expertise, commitment, and work-ethic to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow business owners to fully realize business strategies and objectives. They work in a highly professional manner to ensure that the clients’ requirements and recommendations are fully realized. I would highly recommend Plasma for any web enablement initiative that you may be considering.
Lai Lau
Marketing Manager, AT&T


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