A 15-year history of providing enterprise-grade solutions and services within the telecom space, including: Vendor Management, Quote to Cash, CRM, Data Analytics, Digital Experience, and Managed Services.


Deep Industry Knowledge that Creates Powerful Solutions

Plasma’s long history of developing, implementing, and managing solutions and applications within the telecom space has given us the opportunity to acquire deep insights into many of the unique business and operational challenges faced by telecom companies. These insights allow Plasma to engage with any telecom company from a firm baseline of industry knowledge and experience.

Working in close collaboration with telecom company stakeholders Plasma has delivered solutions and services that have produced competitive advantages throughout a wide range of operational and customer engagement processes.

Business Process Automation in the Telecom Industry

No industry has stepped up to the task better than the Telecom / Communication Service Providers who support consumers, businesses, health care providers, schools & government agencies in contending with dramatic changes. Not many other industries have had to scale so rapidly to contend with the communication network requirements necessary to meet the demands.
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Featured Solutions and Services for Telecom


Customized CRM solutions that maximize customer engagement, deliver sales process efficiency, and promote market and revenue growth.
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Vendor Management

A workflow-based Vendor Management solution that delivers automation and control of mission-critical processes: qualification, onboarding, performance management, etc.
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Data Analytics

Data Analytics solutions that provide the telecom enterprise with a Big Data and AI-enabled engine that drives the accumulation of deep insights into the vast amount of data accumulated by telecom companies.
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AI-Enbaled Asset Performance
Digital Experience

Plasma can help deliver a telecom customer digital experience that is engaging, user-friendly, seamless, feature rich, and, above all, that builds strong brand awareness.
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Managed Services

Leverage Plasma’s 15-year history of providing enterprise-grade Managed Services for a wide and deep array of telecom solutions, applications, and architectures.
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Take a look at how Plasma’s Solution manages 40+ million devices, and their data analytics, for one of the largest global telecom operators.

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