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Generative AI

Generative AI (Gen AI)

Gen AI for today’s diverse IT and OT networks. Leverage existing data to optimize customer support, improve network predictability, reduce human workloads, and increase brand stickiness.


The size and complexity of modern IT and OT networks are putting unprecedented demands on those responsible for providing support to external and internal customers. Issue resolution in hours is no longer sufficient. Issue resolution in minutes is now the minimum expectation, with issue prevention being the preference. Plasma’s Gen AI solution has been developed based on a 20-year history of developing high-tech solutions to meet the needs of IT and OT network operators.

Generative AI (Gen AI)​






Human efficiency

Cost optimization


Plasma’s Advantages

Gen AI that powers transitional advancements in….

Use Case

AI-Enabled Real-Time Data & Predictive Analytics

The Telecom and Data Networking sectors require new innovations that provide more dynamic solutions for the testing of mobile application networks. Those new solutions must provide comprehensive capabilities for automated testing for both iOS and Android operating systems.
  • Real-time testing of changes
  • Drive delivery of superior performance
  • Customizable real-time reporting that enables faster root- cause analysis
  • The ability to conduct predictive analytics utilizing databases
  • The ability to provide broader coverage areas.
  • Quicker problem identification and resolution.

Capabilities and Benefits

Plasma’s Expertise

Plasma’s Gen AI brings together advancements in artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing, and AIoT to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets the complex requirements of modern network ecosystems.


Gen AI Architecture

Gen AI Architecture


What our client say about us

I think Plasma has come a long way in embracing our philosophy of becoming more agile, both leading and following in this area when necessary. The teams have been very open to change and have a great attitude. I have no complaints!
Director of Product Development Engineering, AT&T


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