AI-Enabled Real-Time Data & Predictive Analytics

The Telecom and Data Networking sectors require new innovations that provide more dynamic solutions for the testing of...

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AI-Enabled Real-Time Data & Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics
In response to these evolving industry demands, Plasma has developed solutions that deliver real-time data analytics and predictive analytics that are fueled

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technologies.

Current Challenge

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises


Telecom and Data Networking

The Telecom and Data Networking sectors require new innovations that provide more dynamic solutions for the testing of mobile application networks.


Comprehensive Capabilities

Those new solutions must provide comprehensive capabilities for automated testing for both iOS and Android operating systems.



These industries are increasingly dependent upon real-time testing of changes and updates to their networks, hardware, gateways, and coverage areas.


Real-time testing

Real-time testing and real-time results are the factors that will drive delivery of superior performance within those industries.

AI Laptop
These solutions are providing distinct operational advantages for our clients. Advantages that include:

The Solution

Advantages of the Solution

Significant increases in the quantity and quality of data points that can be collected in real time. Data that is deep, relevant, and actionable

Customizable real-time reporting that enables faster root- cause analysis and evaluation of solution options

The ability to conduct predictive analytics utilizing databases of information that are significantly larger and deeper than previously available. The ability to take corrective actions prior to problem occurrence.

Each of these solutions contains branched micro-applications that provide automation for business processes such as: Legal Document Management, Invoicing and Fund Allocation, Sales Analytics, and Vendor Management.

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

Integration of Plasma solutions provides the industry with enabling technology that drives a host of performance improvement and cost saving benefits; including:

Ability to quickly deploy to mobile devices providing real-time data and insights.

Ability to apply to existing mobile devices (no new devices required).

The ability to provide broader coverage areas.

Quicker problem identification and resolution.

Significant reductions in resources required to conduct manual testing and verification routines. Cost reductions and improved financial performance.

Plasma’s industry expertise, combined with a strong base of technologies, will continue to provide this business sector with forward-looking solutions that drive the internal efficiencies that lead to outstanding service.