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ERP and Accounting Augmentation

ERP and Accounting Solution Augmentation

Augmentation of existing ERP and Accounting solutions to provide customized analytics, deeper insights, and intelligent workflows.


Most large companies are using market dominant ERP and Accounting solutions. While those solutions provide a broad spectrum of functionality, many organizations need levels of customization and augmentation not offered by their existing solutions. Plasma develops and deploys customized functionalities that close existing gaps and improve specific areas of operational performance.

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Plasma’s Expertise

Plasma’s ERP and Accounting Augmentation solutions are powered by core AI, IoT, and AIoT technologies that actively analyze large volumes of historical data to provide enhanced analytics, smarter workflows, and deeper operational insights.


What our client say about us

Several hundreds of our retail locations and joint ventures use Plasma Ag solutions as a part of their core operations. Plasma solutions provide very useful tools and deep insights to users – including tracking customer transactions and financial information. Their applications are tightly integrated with CRM, ERP, Accounting, and our other mission critical IT infrastructure and third-party systems. The dashboards provide rich analysis and insights that helps us adjust to the changing markets.
Kym Gunn
General Manager, Operations, Nutrien


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