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Plasma’s Workflow Automation converts processes that are manual and rigid into processes that are automated and agile. Intelligent workflows that learn and evolve to provide optimized control at reduced cost.

Plasma’s Workflow Automation utilizes cognitive technologies to deliver much more than just high-level process visibility and management. AI-enabled intelligent workflows enable the creation of dynamic, code-free, processes that drive automation of critical operational routines. Intelligent workflows that provide enhanced control, predictive decision-making, and hands-off management. 

C2M® Workflow is utilized to provide process automation within individual solutions within Plasma’s Customer Engagement platform. Workflow automation solutions development that enables the enterprise to maximize opportunities for business growth. C2M® Workflow is a key technology within each of the following Plasma solutions.

– Sales Pipeline Management
– Quote to Cash
– Sales Analytics

C2M® Workflow has provided the process automation component for enterprises that needed a comprehensive solution to replace legacy Vendor Management applications and routines. Workflow automation solutions development that provides automation and enhanced control of complex processes such as:

– Vendor Qualification and Onboarding
– Legal Doc Management
– Vendor Performance Analytics

Plasma’s Project Management Solution is replacing legacy routines and applications that are manual, siloed, and paper-dependent. C2M® Workflow is the engine that enables the transformation from manual, inflexible, and costly to automated, dynamic, and cost-effective. Workflow automation solutions development that delivers automation of specific project management routines such as:

– Project Gating Process
– Resource Allocation and Tracking
– Project Budgeting and Control
– Risk Management and Corrective Action

C2M® Workflow is one of the primary technologies utilized in Plasma’s delivery of solutions within the Field Service Management industry. Workflow automation solutions development has been a key driving force allowing Plasma’s clients to attain new levels of operational performance and increased market share. Process workflows are utilized throughout Plasma’s FSM offering, including:

– Enterprise Asset Management (EAM)
– Asset Performance Management (APM)
– Sales and Service Management (SSM)


Business and operational areas impacted include:

Banking and Finance
Armed with its new DLT capabilities the client has been able to introduce new business capabilities.


What our client say about us

Several hundreds of our retail locations and joint ventures use Plasma Ag solutions as a part of their core operations. Plasma solutions provide very useful tools and deep insights to users – including tracking customer transactions and financial information. Their applications are tightly integrated with CRM, ERP, Accounting, and our other mission critical IT infrastructure and third-party systems. The dashboards provide rich analysis and insights that helps us adjust to the changing markets.
Kym Gunn
General Manager, Operations, Nutrien


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