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Intelligent KMS

Intelligent Knowledge Management System (KMS)

In collaboration with our AI technology partner, MicroAI, Plasma develops and deploys Gen AI-enabled KMS to efficiently organize, analyze, and retrieve organizational knowledge, transforming vast data landscapes into accessible insights.


Intelligent KMS is Gen AI-enabled, self-learning, hyper-secure ecosystem that helps companies capitalize on the power of their organizational knowledge. Intelligent KMS has transformative implications for any industry that produces large volumes of data, and that need advanced capability to optimize the management, availability, and utilization of that data. Companies in the telecom, industrial, and manufacturing industries are prime examples.

Intelligent KMS
  • Tacit knowledge retention despite employee turnover
  • Efficient and cost-effective storage of critical operational data
  • Self-learning algorithms that provide hardened protection of stored information
  • AI-enabled knowledge search and discovery
  • Rapid access and retrieval of current and historical information
  • Roles and permissions-based access to sensitive data
  • AI-enabled workflows for data collection, analysis, and action
  • Automated decision-making based on perpetual self-learning
  • Reduction in the number of human touchpoints reduces risk for error and improves security
  • Automated mining of unstructured data for hidden insights
  • Provision of customer service that is faster and more precise
  • Ability to conduct sentiment analysis on a large scale
  • More accurate prediction of customer and market trends
  • Recursive data analysis to predict upcoming trends and potential problems
  • Proactive vs reactive use of knowledge acquired by the enterprise
  • Extension of visibility horizon for competitive advantage

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Several hundreds of our retail locations and joint ventures use Plasma Ag solutions as a part of their core operations. Plasma solutions provide very useful tools and deep insights to users – including tracking customer transactions and financial information. Their applications are tightly integrated with CRM, ERP, Accounting, and our other mission critical IT infrastructure and third-party systems. The dashboards provide rich analysis and insights that helps us adjust to the changing markets.

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