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Your organization deserves better. Engage with CRM specialists that have proven experience across multiple industries and CRM products ⁠— knowing what works and what doesn’t.

Plasma delivers a customized digital CRM solution that enables organizations to improve internal efficiencies, maximize client engagement and satisfaction, drive revenue growth, and create market leadership.

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Poor Coordination

Poor coordination of resources and activities.

Lack of Visibility

Lack of visibility into customer and market trends.

Disparate Systems

Reliance on disparate systems and tools to track and manage complex sales pipeline management activities.

Loss of Sales

Loss of sales opportunities due to sales lifecycle management data that is not delivered in real time.


Poor quote-to-cash performance.


Failure to fully maximize ROI.


Common Problems Faced by CRM-Poor Enterprises

The lack of a customized, integrated, feature-rich CRM solution can cripple an enterprise’s ability to fully capitalize on its opportunities as well as its ability to maximize utilization of its resources. Common problems include:

Use Case

IoT Empowered Data Analytics and Dashboarding

Take a look at how Plasma’s Solution manages 40+ million devices, and their data analytics, for one of the largest global telecom operators.

Opportunity Tracking

Many potential deals are lost due to losing track of where those opportunities lie within their individual “life-cycles”. Poor visibility leads to lost opportunities. A custom CRM solution from Plasma provides dynamic sales lifecycle management capabilities that allows for continuous tracking and management of your opportunities from initial contact through sale and delivery.


KPI Establishment and Tracking

Plasma’s CRM solution provides powerful data analytics and dashboarding capabilities. Establish your KPI’s and then monitor actual performance via automated, real-time, data presented on customized dashboards. Take timely corrective actions based on automated alerts. Sales lifecyle management supported by real-time data.


Customized Dashboards

Easily create customized dashboards that allow you to monitor critical aspects of your sales pipeline management—in real time. Customize your dashboards in ways that bring the most value to your enterprise. View your critical data in formats that can be easily consumed and quickly acted upon.

Plasma’s CRM solution provides a workflow-based platform that can automate all critical decision and action points within your Sales Process. As your Sales Process evolves, update your workflow to reflect that evolution. Unlike many other non-customizable CRM products, Plasma’s solution is workflow-based, allowing for quick and cost-effective changes and updates. Sales lifecycle management supported by powerful process automation.

Utilize your CRM-generated data to maximize the efficiency of your Sales organization. Make resource allocation decisions based on data-driven insights and analysis. Sales lifecycle management that puts your resources where they are most likely to generate real impact.

Reporting just for the sake of reporting can burden the organization with data that creates little value. The Plasma CRM Solution allows for the full customization of reports. You decide what types of reports are important and you customize those reports in ways that bring actual value to your sales lifecycle management review process. Customize your own report generation and release routines to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.

The Plasma CRM Solution will be customized to address the unique needs and objectives of your business. The Plasma team of Business Analysts, Data Analysts, Technologists, and UX Specialists provide the expertise necessary to ensure that your sales lifecycle management requirements are fully synthesized, and that your CRM Solution is designed to deliver maximum value and rapid ROI.


Plasma’s CRM Expertise

A customized CRM Solution from Plasma delivers a comprehensive suite of capabilities that enables the enterprise to maximize revenue, market growth, and ROI.


What our client say about us

It has been my experience that Plasma has the technical expertise, commitment, and work-ethic to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow business owners to fully realize business strategies and objectives. They work in a highly professional manner to ensure that the clients’ requirements and recommendations are fully realized. I would highly recommend Plasma for any web enablement initiative that you may be considering.
Lai Lau
Marketing Manager, AT&T


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