Artificial Intelligence and IoT

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT)

Smarter IoT devices. AIoT solutions that combine Plasma’s extensive IoT development experience with MicroAI’s embedded and edge AI technologies to create IoT device ecosystems that deliver deeper insights and predictive analytics.


Plasma’s AIoT solutions utilize next-generation endpoint and edge AI technologies to analyze data from IoT devices and to generate actionable insights from that data. Embedded machine learning algorithms train and learn at learn at the device or ecosystem level to provide automated performance monitoring, fault detection, and self-healing.



Optimized Operational Efficiency​

Higher Scalability​

Optimized Security​

More Predictability​

Reduced Human Intervention​

Reduced Cost​


Plasma’s Advantages

By bringing intelligence to IoT infrastructures, Plasma’s AIoT solutions create several advantages, including:

Capabilities and Benefits

Plasma’s Expertise

The intrinsic value of Plasma’s AIoT solution is the ability to further automate and optimize the collection and analysis of data produced by today’s IoT ecosystems, while remaining agile and scalable.

Data Analytics and Dashboarding
The Data Analytics solution would need to provide the client with a host of interconnected capabilities


What our client say about us


Plasma is a great vendor to work with. They took us from an email-based process to a fully designed, web-based workflow. They have dramatically changed how our devices are certified to be used on our network and they will save you time as well! One of the many processes in our current environment has saved us so much time; from four months down to a few days!

Brad Webb

Senior Product Development Manager, Emerging Devices Organization, AT&T Mobility


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