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Project Financials


The financial viability of any project is dependent upon your ability to effectively manage project costs. Plasma’s Agile Project Management Solution provides the capability to track your costs as they are being accumulated. You have the power to maintain constant contact with your actual vs budgeted project spending, and to implement corrective measures when required.

Project Financials

Paper Products

Project budgets that become mere “paper products” due to non-integration with other project tools and systems.

Delayed Financial Insights

Inability to assess real-time project financials in a consolidated, customized, format.

Real-time Data

Slow reaction to changing project conditions due to lack of real-time data, insights, and triggers.

Budget Overruns

Inability to make fact-based budgetary decisions and take appropriate actions.


Uncontrolled project costs due to a combination of all of the above.


Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

The use of legacy project management tools and systems typically provide very limited ability to dynamically monitor and manage the financial conditions within individual projects. As a result, project costs can quickly spin out of control. Common problems reported by project-centric companies have included:

Workflow-based automation that allows for recording, tracking and reporting of project financials throughout the life of your projects.

Ability to establish data-driven triggers that generate alerts to assigned project stakeholders. Puts critical information into the hands of those responsible for a project’s financial performance.

Ability to establish your own custom reports that will consolidate project financial data—from all of your data sources—into your format of choice. Establish your customized “roles” and “authorities” to control how your reports are disseminated.

Provides the ability to make real-time project budget decisions that help mitigate cost overruns and reduce risks. Take corrective actions in time to have real impact.

A solution that can be fully integrated with other components of a larger Project Management ecosystem.


Plasma’s Expertise

Use Case

IoT Empowered Data Analytics and Dashboarding

With over 40 million devices being managed on a global telecom operator’s network— and with that number continuing to accelerate—the client needed a powerful Data Analytics solution that would provide them with all capabilities required to effectively manage that huge volume of devices.
  • The ability to provide accurate device identification on the client’s network
  • A powerful Dashboarding and Reporting capability that would provide real-time data
  • Data Aggregation: Aggregation of data from the huge volume of devices on the client’s network.
  • Analytics and Insights: Real-time mash-ups of data from a variety of data sources.
  • Visualization Engine: Data visualization via customized dashboards and reports.
  • Perform real-time analytics and synthesize data from a variety of sources (databases, API’s, devices, etc).
  • Create customized, single-pane, dashboards that provide real-time KPI information that enable more accurate forecasting of future conditions and results.


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It has been my experience that Plasma has the technical expertise, commitment, and work-ethic to deliver best-in-class solutions that allow business owners to fully realize business strategies and objectives. They work in a highly professional manner to ensure that the clients’ requirements and recommendations are fully realized. I would highly recommend Plasma for any web enablement initiative that you may be considering.

Lai Lau

Marketing Manager, AT&T


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