IoT Empowered Data Analytics and Dashboarding

With over 40 million devices being managed on a global telecom operator’s network— and with that number continuing...

Case Study

IoT Empowered Data Analytics and Dashboarding

With over 40 million devices being managed on a global telecom operator’s network— and with that number continuing to accelerate—the client needed a powerful Data Analytics solution that would provide them with all capabilities required to effectively manage that huge volume of devices.

Customized & deployed an IoT-based Data Analytics Solution .

Current Challenge

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

The Data Analytics solution would need to provide the client with a host of interconnected capabilities, including:


Client's Network

The ability to provide accurate device identification on the client’s network (down to the single device level).


Individual Devices

he ability to search the immense device database to locate individual devices and to identify individual characteristics such as firmware information and hardware/software versions.


Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics that would allow the client to forecast the impact of future new device releases on their network.


Dashboarding and Reporting

A powerful Dashboarding and Reporting capability that would provide real-time data that could be customized to fit the needs of individual client stakeholders.

Data Analytics and Dashboarding
Using Plasma’s C2M ® technology as the core, Plasma customized and deployed an IoT-based Data Analytics Solution that would fully satisfy the client’s requirements for a technology-driven solution that would meet their current requirements as well as provide the scalability necessary to cope with the forecasted continued growth of the client’s network. Plasma’s Data Analytics Solution consisted of the following stack of capabilities:

The Solution

Plasma’s Data Analytics Solution

Data Aggregation: Aggregation of data from the huge volume of devices on the client’s network.

Analytics and Insights: Real-time mash-ups of data from a variety of data sources.

Visualization Engine: Data visualization via customized dashboards and reports.

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

The Plasma Data Analytics Solution has enabled the client to more closely track and monitor the millions of devices on their network as well as to conduct deep analytics on various aspects of device profiles, performance, etc. The Plasma Solution is providing the client with the ability to:

Perform real-time analytics and synthesize data from a variety of sources (databases, API’s, devices, etc).

More fully optimize internal operational efficiencies due to reduction of manual data-gathering and reporting processes.

Create customized, single-pane, dashboards that provide real-time KPI information that enable more accurate forecasting of future conditions and results.