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Corporate Performance Analytics


A customized, data-driven, solution from Plasma will provide your organization with the capability to manage your vendors using real-time analytics, dashboards, and custom reports. 

Make decisions based on analytics that have been constructed to create maximum value for your enterprise.

Real-time Data

Inability to make timely executive-level decisions due to a lack of real-time data presented in formats that can be quickly consumed.

Mission Critical

No ability to quickly parse mission-critical data from other more general information.


Time, effort, and money spent on the process of manual data gathering and reporting.

High Risk

High risk of business-crippling issues developing that are not detected until significant damage has already been done.

Making Decisions

Making decisions, or taking corrective actions, based on data that is no longer current or accurate


Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

The lack of a dedicated Vendor Performance Analytics solution can impede an enterprise’s ability to effectively monitor the performance of its vendor base. This can result in slow reaction to performance issues and an inability to take proactive corrective action. Specific issues can include:

Eliminates the cost and inefficiencies associated with manual data collection and presentation. Establish your customized rules and protocols to determine what data should be collected. Scaleable workflows will be created to automate the data collection process.
Customize your own personal dashboards to present your data in the format(s) that work for you. A dashboard creation process that is quick and user-friendly. Ability to update your dashboards as your data requirements change.
Maintain contact with your data. Access your dashboards from your pc, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Improves your ability to make impactful decisions in a timely matter.
Ability to integrate your customized Executive and Operational Dashboard solution with other internal tools and systems to establish a seamless connection between your various management and control processes.


Plasma’s Expertise

Use Case

Intelligent CRM Optimizes Livestock Industry Performance

The CRM market continues to grow. It is estimated that the global annual market is now worth ~ $60B with expected growth to surpass $75B by 2026. Despite this phenomenal growth, the market is still dominated by off-the-shelf solutions that are static in design and that provide little to no options for customization.
  • A lack of real-time visibility
  • Delayed reaction
  • Lost business opportunities
  • Live Opportunity Tracking
  • Dynamic KPI Management
  • Automated Process Management
  • Deeper insights into real-time market trends
  • Intelligent workflows that self-evolve with changing business


What our client say about us

I think Plasma has come a long way in embracing our philosophy of becoming more agile, both leading and following in this area when necessary. The teams have been very open to change and have a great attitude. I have no complaints!
Director of Product Development Engineering, AT&T


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