Case Study

Intelligent CRM Optimizes Livestock Industry Performance

Integrated CRM
The CRM market continues to grow. It is estimated that the global annual market is now worth ~ $60B with expected growth to surpass $75B by 2026. Despite this phenomenal growth, the market is still dominated by off-the-shelf solutions that are static in design and that provide little to no options for customization.

Many companies within the livestock industry are using legacy CRM applications that are now a decade or more old.

Many of those companies are looking for ways to upgrade their customer and market management capabilities to meet the demands of todays’ business landscape.

Current Challenge

The Problem – Legacy, Off-the-Shelf, CRMs

Static CRM solutions are inflexible and self-limiting. Livestock management companies saddled with these cookie-cutter solutions increasingly report a consistent listing of issues that limit business growth. These include….


A lack of real-time visibility

A lack of real-time visibility into shifting customer trends and demands


Delayed reaction

Delayed reaction and coordination of internal resources to meet changing business conditions


Lost business opportunities

Lost business opportunities due to lack of flexible, and real-time, opportunity lifecycle management


Reporting and dashboarding

Reporing and dashboarding capabilities that are slow, static, and disconnected from other business systems


Poor quote-to-cash

Poor quote-to-cash (Q2C) performance that degrades financial performance and limits market expansion


A CRM investment

A CRM investment that delivers poor ROI and that cannot grow with the business


Legacy, Non-Intelligent, CRMs

Legacy CRM applications do not provide the speed, agility, customization, and intelligence needed to establish competitive advantage within the livestock industry.

The integration of intelligent CRMs will be the driving force to obtain a state of operational excellence and to leverage that excellence to drive business growth.

Plasma delivers intelligent CRMs customized for the specific needs of the livestock industry; dynamic CRMs that enable organizations to improve internal efficiencies, maximize client engagement and satisfaction, drive revenue growth, and create market leadership.

The Solution

The Intelligent CRM

Livestock companies need a CRM that incorporates recent developments in artificial intelligence, machine learning, IoT, and intelligent workflows.

Many potential business opportunities are lost due to losing track of where those opportunities lie within their individual lifecycles. The intelligent CRM provides dynamic sales lifecycle management capabilities that allows for continuous tracking and management of opportunities from initial contact through sale and delivery.
Plasma’s livestock CRM solution provides powerful KPI (key performance indicators) analytics and visualization capabilities. KPI are established and actively monitored via automated—real-time–data presented on customized dashboards. Stakeholders are empowered to take timely corrective actions based on automated alerts. Proactive vs reactive KPI management.
The intelligent CRM solution contains a workflow-based platform that can automate all critical decision and action points within the livestock customer engagement process. Unlike most legacy CRM products, Plasma’s solution is intelligent workflow-based, allowing for quick and cost-effective changes and updates.
The Plasma livestock CRM solution allows for the full customization of reports. Business stakeholders determine the types of reports needed and then dynamically customize those reports in ways that bring tangible business and operational value. Report generation and release routines are automated to ensure that the right people get the right information at the right time.
A next-generation visualization engine provides customizable dashboards that reflect real-time data. Users can quickly set-up individual dashboard views via dynamic drag and drop capability. Executive-level dashboards can be configured to provide high-level data to key stakeholders and decision makers.

The Impact

Business/Operational Impact

The transition from legacy CRM products to new solutions that are intelligent, dynamic, customizable, and scalable will provide livestock companies with the technology to optimize and innovate within a competitive market.

Solution Impact
Market Visibility
Limited visibility into rapidly evolving business conditions and market trends
Deeper insights into real-time market trends improves accuracy of analysis and eliminates blind spots
Business Speed
Slow execution of critical processes and business decisions due to over-reliance on human intervention
Intelligent workflows that self-evolve with changing business conditions and reduce human intervention and oversight
Opportunity Management
Opportunities lost due to lack of flexible, real-time, opportunity lifecycle management
Integrated opportunity lifecycle management provides real-time observability throughout all phases of opportunity management…from inception to closure
Business Analytics
Static reporting and analytics that are often disconnected from facts in the field
Analytics and visualization generated from field assets, business processes, and opportunity status provides a customizable view of the entire business ecosystem
Poor Q2C
Poor Q2C due to all the above
Quicker Q2C that improves bottom-line performance and competitive position