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Predictive Analytics


Operational data synthesized, analyzed, and visualized in real time. Predictive analytics that provide predictive insights that enable predictive actions.

Operational data is power. But that power can only be fully realized if the data is delivered quickly, reliably, cost effectively, and in an easy-to-consume format. Plasma’s Predictive Analytics solution delivers that power by imbedding intelligence into the data collection, analysis, and visualization processes. Features include:

Predictive Analytics

Endpoint/Edge Intelligence

AI algorithms embedded into the processes and machines that generate critical data.

Intelligent Workflows

AI enabled workflows that monitor and control the collection, synthesis, and dissemination of data.

Predictive Insights

Cognitive, self-learning, algorithms that continuously analyze current and historical data to produce predictive insights.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

• Automated mining of unstructured data for hidden insights
• Provision of customer service that is faster and more precise
• Ability to conduct sentiment analysis on a large scale
• More accurate prediction of customer and market trends

Dynamic Visualization Engine

Customizable KPI, drag-and-drop dashboards, single-pane-of glass observability, and automated reporting of predictive alerts.


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IoT Empowered Data Analytics and Dashboarding

Take a look at how Plasma’s Solution manages 40+ million devices, and their data analytics, for one of the largest global telecom operators.

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Plasma’s Expertise

Plasma’s Predictive Analytics solution utilizes core endpoint and edge AI technologies that actively analyze large volumes of historical data to provide predictive insights that are actionable and accurate. Key capabilities and benefits….


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Plasma has been a smart choice for us as our online business partner. I don’t even consider our work with them outsourcing because Plasma management takes the time to truly understand our business and is able to direct its technology resources for the most efficient and quality output possible. I don’t think you can say that about many companies in their space.
Mark Rappaport
Chief Information Officer and President, Simplicity Protection


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