Asset and Project Management

Asset Performance Management (APM)


The ability to manage the performance of field assets in real time is an absolute necessity for leading FSM companies. 

Plasma delivers APM capabilities that will provide your enterprise with the technology to maximize the performance of your high-impact assets and to deliver the service levels that your customers demand.


Outdated Technology

Use of legacy applications and technology that provide no ability to connect to remote assets.

Inefficient Maintenance

Lack of AI and ML-enabled predictive maintenance capability shortens the lifespans of expensive assets.

Shallow Observability

Inability to monitor, control, and adjust asset performance parameters results in delivery of sub-par performance and crippling down-times.

Manual Processes

Manual processes, siloed systems, and disconnected assets that create service inefficiencies, asset degradation, and negative bottom-line impact.

Current Challenges

Common Problems Faced by Enterprises

AI and ML-enabled ability to predict maintenance intervals on any connected asset.

Ability to dynamically establish alarms, notifications, and action-triggers to respond to abnormal asset conditions.

Ability to predict the remaining useful life of your assets and to make proactive plans for replenishment.

Create custom data-feeds and code-free dashboards that provide live monitoring of the performance of your assets..


Plasma’s Expertise

Use Case

Powerful Data Analytics, Data Visualization, and Reporting

A global leader in the Enterprise Networking industry wanted to include a multisensor IoT “smart” device as part of their product offering to consumers. The company had developed all necessary hardware and firmware for the IoT device but lacked the ability to develop the software required to enable and enhance its operation.
  • Performance of field assets in real time
  • Manage field assets
  • Ability to make decisions and enable actions based on real-time data.
  • Capture of the aggregated data into a consolidated database.
  • The availability of that device has allowed the client to significantly expand the breadth and depth of its product and service
  • Additional functionality as business and market needs continue to evolve.


What our client say about us


We are implementing Plasma Ag Solutions across our network of locations. Plasma Ag provides several capabilities that stand out for our users such as Programs, Rebate management, and Inventory tracking. It is quite difficult to track margin information on crop protection products in our industry so our Owner Operators love the transparency the system provides. We utilize the system to professionalize our support to the network and it has become a bit success with all of them.

Tommy Warner

President and CEO, NovusAG


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